3 big tokens for october

September has been historically rough for crypto, and this September was no different. But October seems to be slightly different and tomorrow, October 13 will be a crucial day. And we might see ETH and altcoins especially 3 altcoins perform better than Bitcoin.

So, there is 1 bonus coin in the list that will explode in November and I am letting you know about this coin super early. Is a green October awaiting us? Let’s find out the best crypto moves, but first, let’s discover what the most important crypto events on October 2022 are. 

Macro Crypto October Events

This month has two upcoming macro events one on Oct 13 and another on Oct 28. On Oct 13 FOMC CORE Inflation is a critical event. The forecast suggests an increase in inflation. We do not know what the actual numbers will be, but if the inflation rate increases, the market is likely to dip.

However, if the inflation numbers are reduced, the market will pump for some hours and return to normal levels. Overall, I expect October to be green. 

On the other hand, the next event is on Oct 28 Personal Spending Data stats will come out. It is a moderately impactful event. I am expecting similar data for August and September. So the income stats might not impact the market or have minimal impact.


Source: Trading Economics

Note: After I take you through the altcoins I expect to make big moves in October, I will give exact CPI and DXY numbers to open long or short positions.

3 Crypto Coins – BIG MOVES
  • Coin #1: Cosmos (ATOM), Cosmos trended in September because of the Cosmoverse. It might continue to trend even in October, as the community expects exciting announcements.

  • Coin #2: Kava (KAVA), Kava 11 is expected to roll out on October 26th and it will bring in a lot of innovation. It is expected to be a bullish event for Kava and the Cosmos ecosystem in general. ATOM, KAVA, and DYDX could benefit from this event.

Now that Kava 11 launch has moved to October 26, we have also extended our giveaway by 14 days. 

  • Coin #3 Lukso (LYXE) had a successful testnet. They have announced ecosystem expansion by awarding some community projects. I expect Lukso to announce the mainnet in October, and that makes Lukso a good project. However, post mainnet, lots of coins will come into supply + sell-the-news event. So you can sell it after the mainnet pump to rebuy later.

  • BONUS COIN:  Almost one month from now the world will dive into the biggest global event “Fifa World Cup”. One coin that will benefit the most from it is Chiliz. Chiliz is the only prominent token that is soccer-oriented. I am bearish on it for now. I suggest buying towards Nov then selling during World Cup.

Overall Crypto Market

Now the cat is out of the bag! Let us take a look at the overall crypto market in the month of October. In recent years, October has performed better than September in the macro market. For example:

  • Even for Bitcoin, October was a good month relative to September.
  • September has seen record sell volumes, and still, Bitcoin managed to stay above 18k.

In October, there are not many bearish events also:

  • Mt Gox unlock is not yet announced. It could be a panic sell event (the day of announcement and the day of distribution). So when that happens, it’s a great buying opportunity.
  • Digital Fund Flows remain net positive even in a bearish month. That means people are selling crypto and holding stablecoins. It is a positive sign for market health.

So, after the Mt Gox unlocks, if the fund flow returns a net negative, it will signal a longer bear market. In other words, if the fund flow remains net positive in October, it is a strong buy indicator.

Seems to be a good month to fill your bags or even sell for some short-term profits.

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