Deeper Network DPR Tokens Now on Uniswap

Deeper Network, the popular decentralized VPN network, has announced the strategic listing of its DPR native token on popular decentralized finance (DeFI) platform Uniswap. This listing closely follows its recently completed IDO event on PAID Network’s Ignition launchpad.

According to an official press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, the listing on Uniswap will take place on April 10, 2021, at exactly 00:00 a.m (UTC). The listing will open up Deeper Network to more people looking to own DPR tokens as well as actively participate on the decentralized VPN platform.

According to Deeper, its DPR token listing on Uniswap is only one of several other listings expected to take place in the near future. Interestingly, apart from going live on DEX exchanges, DPR tokens will also soon be listed on several tier 1 centralized exchanges (CEX).

DPR Token Use Cases

DPR is the life force of the blockchain-based Web 3.0 infrastructure Deeper is looking to create. While DPR was majorly designed for micropayments, economic incentives, etc., plans are in place to incorporate it into carrying out more functions. Deeper Network is looking to incorporate its DPR tokens into decentralized e-commerce, e-services, NFT stores, dApps stores, and other DeFi products.

Speaking on the Uniswap listing, Deeper Network CEO Russell Liu disclosed that the entire Deeper ecosystem was excited about the listing. He added that this was a major milestone for the decentralized VPN platform. Liu also disclosed that the listing on Uniswap will facilitate more awareness for the token. Therefore, making it possible for more people to hold the token which, in turn, will boost the growth and development of the entire Deeper ecosystem. According to Liu, there are several important events planned for Deeper Network, all of which will only be possible with the continued support of its community members.

Top on its radar, for now, is its proposed mainnet launch. According to reports, the launch is slated to take place in Q3 of 2021. This launch will be closely followed by its 6th generation Deeper Connect Pico.

Deeper Network’s Strong Support System

Deeper Network is currently supported by several top players in the blockchain and crypto sphere. Such entities include Republic, Parity, Youbi Capital, UVA Univalues Associates, Consensus Lab, SevenX Ventures, Master Ventures, etc. Together they’ve raised a total of $6.5 million in investments, including a seed round and private sales.

About Deeper Network

Deeper Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 platform focused on building a more democratic internet. The platform looks to provide a better VPN for every household and also a reliable gateway to Deeper Network’s Deeper Connect. Deeper Connect will be the world’s first-ever blockchain-based gateway providing web surfers with a censorship-free internet.

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