DexCheck helps crypto traders and investors in many ways. The app supports over 10 blockchain networks including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum. Their suite of applications includes Telegram trading bots to AI-powered trading analytics software.

DexCheck’s Telegram bots have seen a spike in user count over the past three months. This is both due to increased awareness of these bots and how effective they are.
The project has only one goal in mind. To help cryptocurrency investors through accurate and well-sought insights. That accuracy part is important. Dexcheck hopes its tools will reduce the number of human-related investment errors.
DexCheck’s flagship InsightGPT uses Artificial intelligence to detect investment opportunities. How? By using top trader data and analyzing recurring trades to spot high-profile trades. This type of pattern recognition is something AI was born to do. Then you as the trader get a notification of these trades. These insights are ‘actionable’. They assist traders in making decisions about their next trading moves. Fast, accurate, and useful.
DexCheck fits into two narratives investors like in the crypto space. And not only in crypto either. Those narratives are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trading bots. The DexCheck Telegram trading bot supports
  • about 30 decentralized exchanges on
  • over 10 blockchain networks
  • and can execute direct swaps and limit orders.
The smartfolio is another Telegram-based application on the DexCheck ecosystem. Smartfolio is an AI-powered asset tracker and portfolio manager. It provides real-time information on an investor’s holdings. You also get fast prompt alerts on price developments.
Catalysts in DexCheck’s Price Development
Dexcheck has its own token to support these activities. It’s called $DCK. Here are some reasons why it’s looking healthy right now.

  • Launch of DexCheck’s IPSO platform. DexCheck will launch its Initial Private Sale Offering (IPSO) platform in November. It will feature new projects with high potential. The launch should boost demand for DCK tokens as only DCK stakers can access the platform.
  • Launch of DexCheck’s sniper bot: The DexCheck sniper bot is launching any day now. The bot operates on Telegram Messenger. It helps users generate profit by executing fast trades on opportunities like
  1. newly listed tokens on decentralized exchanges
  2. or a breakout above resistance points.
  • High APY staking program in partnership with Kucoin Exchange. DexCheck announced a special staking program in partnership with Kucoin. The staking program will last for 60 days beginning in the first week of November. DexCheck token holders will earn up to 100% APY when they stake their tokens.
A little TA on the DexCheck token to consolidate the fundamentals, DCK has been in a long-term accumulation pattern. And now it’s showing signs of a trend reversal. But great tools for traders and fundamentals are the reason to follow Dexcheck and its DCK token. Dexcheck is bringing some of AI’s biggest benefits like pattern recognition into view for crypto traders of all skill levels.


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