INSANELY BULLISH Crypto Project for 2023

COTI pumped 87.6% in the last 30 days. What’s the hype all about? We know COTI is making all these big moves in the Cardano ecosystem with the launch of its revolutionary stablecoin $DJED. Is that it? 

It turns out, it’s about a lot. There’s A LOT going on with COTI in 2023 that makes it one of the highest potential crypto project of this year. To make it simple for you to understand I have broken all the complex information into 4 simple reasons why I am bullish on COTI in 2023! Lets dive in!

Reason #1 – Cardano’s DJED

When it comes to hype in crypto, I usually only think of one of 2 things. Either can I trade with the hype to make some money OR do I ignore it altogether? And probably the least hype-y ecosystem in all crypto is Cardano. They build so quietly that even many of their biggest fans complain to tell them to make their successes better known to the world.

That’s why we take notice when we see the Currency of the Internet, COTI for short, and its DJED stablecoin jumping on the hype train as Cardano’s biggest and best-designed stablecoin. Cardano’s ecosystem doesn’t play the hype game. So we know that means there’s genuine excitement about the ecosystem having its own stablecoin.

While there are algorithmic features to it, don’t mistake DJED for other algo stablecoins that haven’t been successful like UST or USDD. As a Cardano system coin, the collateral backing DJED will be $ADA. Plus, it hits the Cardano mainnet any day now. You can make money from this a couple of different ways:

  • Get and use DJED and earn more using DeFi apps like you would with another stablecoin.
  • Another method is to buy $COTI, it’s native token, if you think DJED will be successful. If it is a success then the $COTI coin for network payments becomes more valuable.
  • Another is through $SHEN. What is SHEN? SHEN is a reserve coin for minting and burning $DJED. It is always redeemable for $ADA. There are new delegation awards as well as your cut of the mint fees from $DJED if you hold $SHEN. So as $DJED gets more popular, $SHEN earns more fees.
  • A final method you can make money from DJED is by buying ADA. The mint feature means that more ADA will be locked as part of the DJED supply. This along with the huge staking percentages, over 70%, already locked in means that the actual liquid supply of ADA for trading or just basic buying and selling will go down. Could be bullish for ADA.

And its adoption would be bullish for Cardano overall. That would affect ADA’s price too so you’d be getting a double benefit.

Reason#2 – COTI App Chains on the Rise

The building going on in this bear market has been a great sign of things to come. And one thing we are seeing in a few different ecosystems are app chains. What’s an app chain? It’s a chain designed to run a specific set or type of app. So far, we’ve seen 2 types of app chains:

  • DeFi.
  • Games.

Meaning these chains are built specifically with these types of apps and protocols in mind. COTI is an app chain. It’s built with fintech and payments in mind. That’s why they have not just DJED but the infrastructure for anyone to build out a payment solution.

You absolutely will see more of this in the future. COTI is built with enterprises, especially Web 2 ones, in mind so they can easily move into Web3 and accept payments online or offline, on-chain or by credit card. By whatever means customers want.

Reason #3 Payments Are Top Use Case

Including remittances, payments are arguably the top use case for crypto. Accepting payments from anyone or sending money to anyone without interference and in a way that’s fast and cost-effective is one of the reasons why crypto exists.

COTI’s COTIPay system allows anyone to accept many different forms of payment. COTI even offers a white-label payment system that a company can use all or various parts of for what suits their needs.

COTI enables p2p payments and even has a system in place with buyer and seller protections against counterparty risk or fraud. It’s like the best of both the online and offline payment worlds together. Do you think payments are the top use case for crypto? If not, then what is? Let us know in the comments below.

Reason #4 The Business of Stablecoins

So, if you are a Cardano lover, then the DJED stablecoin alone is probably enough to get you interested in Currency of the Internet. But everyone else also knows that stablecoins are vital to a healthy growing decentralized payment and finance system.

And COTI is taking it one step further. They aren’t just creating the hottest stablecoin in a top 10 ecosystem. Because payments are the cornerstone of everything COTI does, their white-label solutions extend to stablecoins too. And what does that mean?

It means you can create your own stablecoin using COTI’s software and infrastructure. How cool is that? So, if your favorite project is lacking a stablecoin, you can create one. If you think you can make an algorithmic stablecoin work, then you can create one. If you think a currently unused crypto like Bitcoin or Litecoin might make great collateral for a stablecoin, then you can create one. Try it out and see.

I can see many big enterprise Web 2 companies doing this. Legacy banks would LOVE to issue a stablecoin based on their own customer deposits and bank liquidity. The potential here is enormous.

The COTI Treasury

As I mentioned earlier, COTI is an app chain. And its goal and its customers are enterprise finance companies. They are trying to bridge legacy finance and DeFi. So this means some service offerings will be different or have slightly different names and functions to projects with only crypto-native customers.

The Treasury is one example. Every PoS chain does staking. And many create utility for their coin by requiring it for payments for services across the network. That’s nothing new. And COTI offers that. Not with DJED but with their native $COTI coin. The Treasury is where payment for services takes place. Customers either deposit into the Treasury, must stake $COTI, or both to use the network.

Staking takes place in the Treasury as does the payouts of the rewards. All network fees go into the Treasury too and are then shared with stakers. Making a deposit is easy as you see in this video playing in the background. Withdrawals are easy too, as you can see here:

These are nice features. Now it’s not some huge new innovation. But you know what, for some of their legacy finance customers, it is. So that the wallet and Treasury are user-friendly is vital to Web2 client adoption. And it does look really easy to use. The proof is in the numbers. Over 44% of COTI’s circulating supply is sitting in the Treasury right now. Over 490 million COTI.

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