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Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange that specializes in stablecoin trading. So, the platform provides investors with various stablecoins, keeping them away from volatile digital assets. Also, the platform is an automated market maker (AMM) that uses liquidity pools to maintain low costs and slippage.

In addition, Curve Finance works similarly to Uniswap in that users can swap tokens as long as there is liquidity. However, the platform primarily distinguishes itself from other DEXes by emphasizing stable assets like DAI, USDT, USDC, BUSD, and TUSD. So, let’s answer some questions about Curve Finance.

What is the CRV Token?

The Curve token, often known as CRV, plays a huge role in the Curve Finance protocol. It primarily stimulates liquidity providers to involve as many users as possible in the protocol’s governance.

Additionally, Curve is a component of other dApps like Compound and Yearn Finance that use Curve as a farming solution.

Who Created the Curve Finance?

Michael Egorov, an experienced tech enthusiast created Curve Finance. He was previously a co-founder and CTO of NuCypher, an encryption startup from Y Combinator. Prior to that, Egorov dealt with scaling issues while working on infrastructure tools at LinkedIn.

He is also a scientist and physicist with prior expertise working in a field that is closely related to quantum computing and encryption. Egorov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and won a bronze medal in the 2003 International Physics Olympiad.

Is Curve Finance Safe?

Curve Finance has been audited by security professionals. However, the exchange recently suffered a hack of $570,000. Hackers reportedly used a form of domain name attack by placing a fraudulent contract on the Curve Finance homepage. So, users who connected their wallets to the homepage had their funds drained.

Curve said it had taken strict steps to ensure more security.

How does Curve Finance Work?

Curve facilitates trading by leveraging the AMM protocol. Automated market makers, or AMMs, use algorithms to effectively price tradable assets in a liquidity pool. Additionally, these pools use algorithms to calculate an asset’s price. The AMM protocol is a smart contract used by these liquidity pools to enable trading without an order book. To put it another way, AMM trades don’t need a middleman.

A liquidity pool allows users to purchase and sell their assets whenever they want, even if there isn’t a buyer or seller on the other side of the transaction.

Contrarily, trades on centralized exchanges are made in response to order books. The centralized exchange is the counterparty to every trade since order books imply that they possess the assets on the book. Curve’s liquidity comes from users that have deposited supported stablecoins into liquidity pools.

In other words, Curve crowdsources its liquidity, employs algorithms to establish the pricing of the assets in its liquidity pool, and then uses smart contracts to allow traders to transact with the pool.

Where to Buy Curve Finance’s Token?

It is very simple to buy the Curve token because it is a well-known altcoin that is listed on several of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, FTX, and Gemini are a few of the best platforms providing Curve trading. Here is a list:

where to buy crv

Source: CoinGecko

You simply have to confirm your identity after creating an account on one of these platforms. Typically, you also have to submit other details such as your address, Social Security number, and a photocopy of a valid ID (such as a driver’s license) Once your identification has been confirmed, you can deposit fiat currency or any supported cryptocurrency and buy some Curve DAO.

How to Use Curve Finance?

Curve works on the Ethereum network. So, you’ll need a Web 3.0 wallet to use this platform. MetaMask is a perfect example of such a wallet. The MetaMask digital wallet is often required in order to transfer tokens to a DEX such as Curve Finance..

You’ll have to install MetaMask to your browser and add it as an extension to Chrome,  create a MetaMask account and connect it to the Curve Finance platform.


Curve Finance prioritizes stability over speculative activity. This makes it a very appealing platform for investors who want to make a profit through yield farming but have a reduced risk profile. Additionally, Curve offers low-risk staking options, making it an essential part of several DeFi ecosystems.

If you believe DeFi would thrive in the future alongside Ethereum, then Curve could be a good bet.


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