LayerZero Airdrop Guide: How to Get $1,000+ Worth in Free Tokens

Arbitrum. Optimism. Aptos. dYdX. Uniswap. What do these crypto projects have in common? Well, apart from being wildly successful, these projects gave their users generous airdrops. Airdrops that, in turn, made these users richer and happier. Now, you could be new to airdrops and looking forward to getting your first bag. Or, you could be a seasoned crypto airdrop hunter, looking for your next payday. In both cases, we’ve got the next big potential target for you – LayerZero.

“Why LayerZero? What’s so special about it?”. On the surface, it looks just like another crypto project. But, if you look deeper at LayerZero, you’ll notice that it:

  • Raised a whopping $173 million in funding.
  • Has NO token as of now.
  • Yet, has a token $ZRO cited in its official docs.

On top of that, LayerZero is already an established protocol. Currently, many projects are using its technology to interoperate between chains. Some of these examples include Stargate, Radiant Capital, OmniBTC, and so forth.

Alright, I think I’ve got your attention now! Let’s move on to the main focus for this guide. Namely, to bring you through the steps to getting the $ZRO token airdrop.


Now, before we begin, you’ll need to take note of some prerequisites. These include:

  • A MetaMask wallet. Do add on the following networks using Chainlist, if you haven’t already:
  • An Aptos wallet. For this, we recommend Martian wallet.
  • Small amounts of $BNB in your MetaMask wallet on Binance Chain.
  • Small amounts of $ETH in your MetaMask wallet on Arbitrum One.
  • 20 $USDT. This will be for bridging and buying some $STG tokens.

Once you’ve got this sorted, it’s time to make some transactions! Let’s go!

A Step-By-Step Guide to the $ZRO Airdrop

For this guide, we’ll be using info from the tweet below! Do note that performing these tasks does not guarantee an airdrop. But, if LayerZero decides to launch one, you’ll be in a great spot to get some FREE tokens.

First, click on the link here and join LayerZero’s Discord group. The group provides many channels such as announcements, FAQs, and so forth. Take a peek around and learn more about the project and its development.

Cross-Chain Bridging

Next, it’s time to do some cross-chain bridging! Head on over to LiquidSwap. Here, swap some tokens from BNB Chain over to Aptos. To do so, you’ve got to:

  • Connect your MetaMask and Aptos wallets. 
  • Choose the token to bridge over. 
  • Check that the network source and destinations are correct. 
LayerZero Airdrop Guide - Liquidswap

You could also choose to use the “Gas on destination” feature. This will convert a small amount of bridged tokens to $APT. Use this if your Aptos wallet does not have any $APT for gas. It’s pretty convenient.

Moving on, scoot over to the Aptos Bridge. It’s almost identical to LiquidSwap’s bridge. But this time, we recommend you bridge from Aptos back to BNB Chain instead. You can check how the user interface (UI) looks below. It’s like a mirror image to LiquidSwap’s too.

LayerZero Airdrop Guide - Aptos Bridge

Now, it’s time to move on to Stargate. This is a very popular bridging option today. However, it can only be used to bridge between EVM chains. So, we will use Stargate to transfer from BNB Chain to Arbitrum. Similarly, connect your MetaMask wallet. Then, choose your tokens and respective networks. Input the token amount and you’re all set to go!

LayerZero Airdrop Guide - Stargate
Wrapping and Bridging $BTC

For this step, we recommend you do it if you’re holding $BTC. In addition, said $BTC needs to be in wrapped form and on an EVM chain. If not, it is OK to skip this step. Or, you can swap some tokens on Arbitrum chain for wrapped BTC. Then, bridge it back over to BNB Chain.

LayerZero Airdrop Guide - BTC bridge

Enter the Bitcoin bridge. This is pretty similar to Stargate’s bridge. All you’ve got to do is connect your wallet and choose your networks. Then, choose the amount of wrapped $BTC to bridge. And voila! You’ll be seeing your wrapped $BTC in your destination chain soon.

So far, that concludes the cross-chain bridging for this guide. By performing the above steps, you’re generating bridging volume on-chain. With this, you could be getting some $ZRO airdrops when the team does a snapshot.

Staking and Participating in Governance

As we mentioned earlier, Stargate is a popular bridge using LayerZero’s technology. To increase your chances of getting the $ZRO airdrop, you should be more proactive in Stargate’s governance. But, how do we go about doing this?

  1. First, we recommend you to get some $STG tokens. Just a small amount is enough. Maybe 15-20 tokens. They’re available on PancakeSwap (on BNB Chain) or UniSwap (on Arbitrum).
  2. Next, stake some of your $STG tokens. You can do so right here with the $STG in your wallet. Moreover, you earn a healthy yearly return too!
  3. Lastly, vote on governance proposals. You can vote on current proposals right here. As a staker of $STG, you get a certain amount of voting power. Use this power wisely, for you could be deciding the future of Stargate’s development.


Alright! If you’ve completed the above tasks, that’ll place you in a sweet position to get the $ZRO airdrop. All in all, this should not take you too long to complete. Now, one last step before you go! Follow LayerZero on Twitter here. It’ll keep you updated once there are announcements of the airdrop. For now, keep your fingers crossed!

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