Quant Launches Upgraded Version of Overledger

Quant recently launched the Overledger Release 1.5 to promote the interoperability of the mainnet.

This new version from Quant allows the mainnet to gain access to the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple blockchains through Overledger. In this new version, there is also new compliance, an upgraded developer portal UI, and KYC process for mainnet access.

Improved Security on Overledger

The new version has provided improved security on Overledger through the implementation of mandatory identity checks. These checks are mandated to meet regulatory compliance requirements for the use of Overledger production environments. Support for these checks is also being provided through mobile and desktop.

Furthermore, the Overledger Test Environment and Overledger Production Environment have been migrated into AWS EKS clusters. The Quant engineering team carried out this migration to improve resilience. As a result of the migration, there has been an improvement in the resilience of Quant’s testnet and mainnet nodes.

Upgrade of the Developer Portal UI

In this new release, there have been some upgrades on the Developer Portal UI. An environment selector is one of the new features of the Developer Portal UI. This environment selector will allow an easy switch between test and production environment views.

The Developer Portal UI of the Overledger 1.5 version introduces a “My Profile” page. This page will help the users to have a more personalized experience. The user flow has also been updated by the technical experts at Quant. As a result, the next release of Overledger Community Network will require mandatory wallets.

In this new release, however, the requirement to have separate Developer Portal accounts that will enable one to be both a developer and an RCG operator has been removed. The Quant team has, therefore, implemented a new approach through which developers can generate mDApp IDs.

Improving the User Experience on Overledger

With this new release, there is no need for Quant to approve the account requests of users. Rather, the Quant team has implemented an automated approval system for users, so that once the email verification process is completed, the users will get an automatic approval.

To ensure a better user experience, there has also been upgrades on the key creation journey, the “Create Account” form, and wallet creation user journey.

The next release of Overledger, scheduled for spring of 2021, will allow community members to run remote connector gateways with their own nodes, which will be part of the Overledger Network Family.

Quant has partnered with AUCloud, thereby having access to work with the Australian government and its defense industries. To help create the Open Digital Asset Protocol (ODAP), Quant is also collaborating with MIT, the U.S. government, Intel, Juniper, and telecom and payment companies. More partnerships and collaborations are still expected from Quant.

Quant (QNT) Price

As of the time of publication, Quant price was $36.32, with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,868,345. QNT price also went down by 7.3% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 12.3 million QNT coins and a max supply of 14.6 million. Uniswap (v2) is also the current most active market trading QNT.

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