Raiinmaker - A Powerful AI to Revolutionize Monetization

Raiinmaker is a creative innovation that aims to redefine digital interaction.

This Web3 deployed a product known as The Raiinmaker App.Β  Let’s discover more about Raiinmaker.

What is Raiinmaker and the Raiinmaker Network?

This AI app, secured by Bitcoin, rewards users for generating AI content. For training AI models, or running a mobile DePIN Node. This Web3 platform, powered by the Raiinmaker Network, transforms the way users monetize and contribute. It enables smooth interaction with internal functionalities.

On the other hand, The Raiinmaker Network uses Web3 technology to improve the distribution of the value of real identity and data.

Reforming the Creation of Value & $COIIN

On Raiinmaker, users can post original content on social media platforms to earn money. The app monitors and registers this content on a blockchain. It uses a “Proof of Influence” method, a proprietary technique developed by Raiinmaker.

This concept encourages a fairer digital ecosystem by rewarding each user for the value they offer with their content. The platform does this via an NFT, and its native token: $COIIN.

The platform gives $COIIN tokens to users who participate in campaigns. Their “Proof of Influence” mechanism will define the amount of rewards each user will receive.

More About Raiinmaker

Recently, Raiinmaker secured a $7.5 million seed, and now the company has $10 million in total capital.

In 2023, the team developed more infrastructure, and products, and grew their community. That year, Raiinmaker updated its app to include NFTs and AI-generated art features.

In 2024, the company is planning more cutting-edge designs for all business verticals. Also, the mainnet launch date for Raiinmaker is set for April 2024. Seraphine continued by saying that soon after, its native token $COIIN will launch.

Also, Cypher Capital and Jump Capital are teaming up with big web3 companies like Gate.io Labs, MEXC Global, Krypital Group, Alphabit, etc.

Raiinmaker is developing web3 tools to support sports, gaming, and entertainment enterprises. The app will be available on iOS and Android. Furthermore, users can register as nodes on the Raiinmaker Network. No technical knowledge or specialized hardware is needed.

Raiinmaker’s Mission

Raiinmaker promises a significant digital revolution, more sustainable and fair. The company sees digital platforms as the perfect place for users to share information, where users are the owners of the info they share. To do this, Rainmaker is working on improving the platform’s user experience.

The secret behind Raiinmaker is to leverage the value of information shared by communities. With the $COIIN token, users will have more power to decide what happens on the platform.


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