Ripple’s XRP has made one more important step towards reaching mass adoption. The cryptocurrency can now be used by 3.3 million websites using WooCommerce.

Last Friday, it was announced that XRP has been successfully integrated with the e-commerce platform WooCommerce. The news is significant because WooCommerce is used by 3.3 million websites and is one of the best payment platforms available.

With WooCommerce, online stores can sell digital and physical products, manage their inventory, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically. Furthermore, while running their business, stores can keep 100% control over all their data.

Two weeks ago, Wietse Wind, the founder of XRPL Labs, announced a bounty program to get XRP integrated with WooCommerce. The tweet by Wind:

A week later, Jesper Wallin, a developer from Sweden, submitted a completed payment gateway plugin designed to enable WooCommerce users to easily accept XRP as a payment method. After a short review by initiator Wietse Wind, the bounty of $4,635 XRP, approximately $1,470, was paid.

With the XRP payment plugin submitted by Jesper Wallin, WooCommerce users are now able to accept XRP as a means of payment. The plugin can be downloaded on GitHub. It is very easy to use, all users have to do is to follow the instructions to begin accepting XRP.


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