Enjin keeps working hard towards adoption and as you may have seen, they are quite good at it. I refer to ENJ as the Altcoin of the month! Will they bring new updates to the Gaming Development Conference this Year?

After last year’s success at the Gaming Development Conference in San Francisco, the Enjin team is back at it this year with new platform updates and tools that will be introduced to thousands of game developers and enthusiasts. Enjin’s main focus will be on the Software Development Kit (SDK), demoing how to integrate fungible and non-fungible blockchain assets into the Unity games and on the Enjin SDK module for Godot Engine. The module is a way to allow the developers to create Blockchain Games Without Solidity.

“Godot Engine Co-Founder Ariel Manzur will showcase the creation of blockchain games with the Popular Open Source Game Engine.”

Other parts of the PaaS (Platform as a Service) that will be showcased are:


There will be 6 early Enjin adopters present at the conference. They will be showcasing their awesome blockchain games. The Multiverse Item concept will be introduced to the GDC developers. You may be wondering what is a multiverse item. If you are a gamer, I am sure I got your attention. The Multiverse Items are similar to other ERC-1155 collectibles, but they are much more than a simple in-game item! Those MV items can be used across multiple games on the Enjin platform. These special type of items will take different looks and attributes to match the game you are currently using it in. “Stormwall”, my favorite item, to be honest, is the item of choice for the showcase. You can see how it looks in some of the games below, along with a brief description of each game.


1. 9Lives Arena

  • 9Lives Arena is an awesome 1v1 Cross-platform RPG. The game is really well thought by its developer. Players can join and fight in the arena, and each one has 9 lives. The first player to lose them will drop the equipped items, which can be looted by the other player and will become a statue. The statue can be held in the Enjin wallet as a collectible or traded. It’s a permadeath concept. The game gear will have random stats and can be crafted with the materials gathered via some in-game tasks or by Oogies. The item variety is from normal to epic. Oogies are little companions that gather resources while the player is away and which can be accessed from a dedicated mobile app. The game has some nice blueprints which can craft items. Players will get the same item status as a normal item with the blueprints. The blueprints are nothing else than very limited skins. The game is totally free to play. The Multiverse item, “Stormwall”, is the character’s shield in 9Lives Arena.


2. Age of Rust

  • Takes place in the year 4424 where the collapse of the society has led to the end of all technological advancements. Without the ability to maintain the infrastructure, A.I robots have taken over and driving humanity to extinction. This awesome puzzle game has a great world open to explore and has plenty of interesting puzzles. As you can see, Stormwall is an energy shield in AoR.


3. Alterverse

  • This old school looking game is very interesting. People can generate income by hosting their own servers, or homeworlds servers. The game at this point is focused mostly on social interaction and the VR feature makes it perfect for that. People can do quests and explore with others in VR experience. This is only one of the 17 games this company will be releasing in the future. All these games will be able to interact with each other to create an ecosystem in the future. Players will even be able to create their own game on a “homeworld server” without needing any programming skills. The Stormwall takes shape of an energy shield in this game.


4. Bitcoin Hodler

  • Ride the pump and try not hit that resistance level! In Bitcoin Hodler people compete against each other by collecting to cryptocurrencies while they can earn ENJ backed items/collectables!(like in any other Enjin game, of course) The longer you survive the bigger the bag gets. When the all-time high is reached, you will moon into other fun adventures that can increase your score. Stormwall in this game is the little icon that gives you protection against obstacles for a limited time


5. Cats in Mech

  • Is a shoot em’ up RPG in which you can build cat robots, battle with others for the glory of the swords, level-up your deadly blockchain cats and craft like a dwarf. The game will be first available for Android and iOS with a PC version. Stormwall takes shape of the blue bubble around the character, which acts as an energy shield.


6. Rebounce

  • This casual free-to-play fast-paced arcade game made by Titan Flight Studios
    The game is fully playable for iOS and Android devices.
    In addition, Rebounce team is developing another Multiverse enabled game called Machi Ball. The Multiverse Item is currently not available for Rebounce, but soon will!

The guests will be able to have a look at some live gameplay and maybe even play with the game developers.



The GDC will take place on 21 March, 6:30 PM at Moscone Centre, West Level 2 Overbook 2022. The guests will need a GDC Expo Plus Pass or higher, which can be acquired here.

Not to spoil anything, but rumors say that the Enjin team will gift by the Beam feature special collectibles to their guests.

At the moment of publishing the article, the writer does not hold ENJ Coin.


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