Cryptoback StormX (STMX) Announces Insane Referral Rewards

StormX, the blockchain-powered loyalty rewards platform announced its new referral program on October 22. Impressively, the revamp referral rewards offer both the referrer and the referee an opportunity to earn $1,000. That means for a single referral, the total reward amount can go up to $2,000. Precisely, the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level StormX users can earn crypto back for each friend they refer to the platform.

According to the StormX official announcement, the crypto back rewards increase for the three levels is 100%, 150%, and 250% respectively. Additionally, the hold times have been reduced to 12 hours. To receive the crypto back referral rewards, the users need to maintain their membership level status for at least 90 days.

Ambitious rewards

Currently, StormX offers 3 referral rewards. These are Diamond, Platinum, and Gold referral bonus. For the particular referee tiers the referrer and referee will earn the following rewards:

1) Gold Referee: $40 each
2) Platinum Referee: $450 each
3) Diamond Referee: $1,000 each

The previous referral program has been completely revamped. Instead of sharing a referral code, the users can now easily share a referral link with their friends.

More ways to earn crypto

Apart from the referral program, StormX users can earn crypto in two more ways. These are the StormX Shop and Play.

1) Shop: When a user makes purchases on one of the 500 stores in the StormX App, he can earn up to 85% crypto cashback. These shops include major brands like Samsung, Target, Walmart, Microsoft, and more. Interestingly, Shop users upgrade their tiers can win extra rewards. While the Gold tier can get 2 times additional crypto cashback, the Diamond tier can get 3.5x additional crypto cashback.

2) Play: By playing games and filling in surveys, the StormX users can earn crypto.

STMX Price

In the last 7 days, native token STMX has gained close to 4.6%. At the time of the press, STMX token is trading close to $0.00057665.

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