Sui recently partnered with Space and Time (SxT). The partnership provides developers building on Sui with access to a full stack of zero-knowledge-proof-based (ZK) tools.

In addition, the partnership names SxT as the preferred data warehouse for the Sui ecosystem. Let’s discover more about this announcement.

Sui Partners with SxT to Develop Web3 Gaming

Sui is a smart contract platform created by researchers behind Facebook’s Libra and Diem projects. It provides high scalability and fast transactions at impressively low fees. So, Sui’s collaboration with Space and Time provides developers with a new advantage. These builders can now access the ZK tools needed to create data-driven dapps. They can also build games that combine verifiable on- and off-chain data.

Sui believes its partnership with SxT could improve the budding Web3 gaming sector. Space and Time’s CTO and co-founder, Scott Dykstra, said: “Those ZK-proven query results can be connected directly to smart contracts on Sui or used to build verifiable dApps or analytics.”

Also, Dykstra explained: “This is especially important for Web3 games, where developers need to be able to join in-game activity with on-chain transactions and mint on-chain rewards based on in-game events. Proof of SQL allows them to do so in a verifiable way.”

Space and time serve as Web3’s verifiable computing layer. It provides developers with the ability to create reliable, verifiable, data-driven smart contracts and Web3 games. It achieves this by supplying ZK-proven SQL to smart contracts.

More About The Partnership Between SxT and Sui

In addition, Space and Time uses a unique ZK-proof, called Proof of SQL. This ensures that queries are secure and accurate. It works as a compute layer for smart contracts. It enables them to carry out scaling computations in a verifiable and trustless manner.

A spokesperson remarked that “In order for an application to be truly Web3-native, decentralized, and blockchain-compatible, it has to be verifiable end-to-end,” adding that “that’s what space and Time enable.”

Evan Cheng, CEO of Mysten Labs, the company behind the Sui Network, noted that “partnering with Space and Time to enable the development of ZK-powered games on Sui is a significant step in our mission to bring the benefits of Web3 to address a broader range of mainstream use cases.” Here is his tweet:

Sui and SxT to Improve the Gaming Sector

Sui and SxT power some major Web3 games. This includes the highly awaited ARPG Abyss World and other top studio titles. Both companies have millions of dollars worth of on-chain value. So, their integrated gaming ecosystem will completely change the Web3 gaming scene. It will introduce cutting-edge gameplay and advanced on-chain rewards driven by verified computing.

Cheng explained that “SxT provides the verifiable compute layer that the Sui ecosystem needs to onboard the next generation of Web3 game developers.”

Sui has focused on developing the next generation of Web3 games since its launch in May. The company claims that over 40 developers are building on the Si blockchain. So, Sui’s partnership with SxT sets a new standard in Web3 gaming in terms of transparency and trustlessness.


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