Bitcoin and its spot ETF approval have recently been in the spotlight. All this has sparked a spin-off effect on all Bitcoin-related protocols. As a result, Tectum has been on fire. Its TET price soared to an ATH. It saw an increase in price of, 1066% since October 2023.

So, let’s take a closer look at what recently has been happening at Tectum.

TET Is on a Run

The $TET token is experiencing a remarkable rally. On 27th December, it entered the top 400 by market cap. However, on 7th January, $TET already entered the top 200. Currently, it takes 192nd spot. That’s a wild run, and it seems this is not the end yet, either.

If we look at the price development, it’s similar. From $9.95 on 25th December to a new ATH of $45.03 on 7th January. The current TET price is $35.45. The market cap is $258 million. However, over the last 30 days, we saw a price increase of 200.7%. Over the last 14 days, TET has been up by a staggering 146%. The max and total supply is 10 million TET tokens. Out of these, 7.24 million tokens already circulate. So, there’s no chance of a supply shock. All this looks very healthy.

On 29th December, CoinGecko posted on X that $TET took the #1 spot for top trending coins that week. Beating, among others, Solana. So, yes, Tectum is riding on the Bitcoin spot ETF news. This could just be the beginning. Being positioned as a top L2 on Bitcoin, demand will only grow once the SEC approves the spot ETFs.

As a result, Tectum has received plenty of offers from CEXes to list the $TET token.

But it’s not all about price. Other great things are going on too. News and developments are helping to justify these price increases. Here are 3 of them…….

Staking and Incubation

Since 1st January, Tectum now offers staking for their $TET token. During the first 6 months, Tectum offers no less than 25% in staking rewards. See our recent article about this. On the 9th of January, they already hit a TVL of $40 million. 

As a result of offering staking options, the first incubation has also started. Tectum Labs received hundreds of proposals to start building on their chain. So, the first incubated project is Jobs3. Think Fiverr or Upwork, but now on-chain. It connects people looking for a job with those who are offering freelance positions or work. It’s a global service, so location doesn’t matter. Most importantly, you don’t need a bank account. Keep in mind that if you hold 100 $TET, you gain exclusive access to Tectum Labs early presales and beta products.

SoftNote Website/WordPress Plugin

The SoftNote merchant website/WordPress plugin is now in the final testing phase. So, you can accept anonymous off-wallet Bitcoin SoftNotes for payments or donations. This is of interest to, for instance, merchants, website owners, freelancers, and bloggers. Everybody who wants to receive payments with SoftNotes.

It proves once more that the Bitcoin SoftNote is on to something. It’s the most scalable, low-barrier-to-entry payment solution. The best part is that it works for Web2 and Web3 users and businesses.

New Partnerships and 2024 Roadmap

During the last couple of days in 2024, Tectum announced two new partnerships. First, they partnered with GetBlock. They will run Tectum nodes.  Tectum has integrated a GetBlock module into their Web3 education bot TIM.

The next and second partnership is with Ator. This is a massive technological partnership. Ator is a fork of the Tor network. They’re known for their focus on privacy and technological prowess. As a result, Tectum recognizes that their visions are immensely well aligned.

Tectum has more exciting milestones lined up for this year. These include, among others,

  • Lightning-Fast dApps 
  • Incubated Projects 
  • Bridged ERC20, Solana, and BEP20 Tokens 
  • Instant Cross-Border Remittances 
  • True crypto anonymity 
  • AI Integration with blockchain

Tectum has seen a serious influx of attention at the end of 2023. This continues into the first 10 days of 2024. For example, the TET price skyrocketed to a new ATH. This goes all hand in hand with the Bitcoin spot ETF approval media wave. So, you can expect more uptrend for Tectum, TET, and SoftNotes if the Bitcoin spot ETFs get approved.



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