Bitcoin is currently on fire. There was an extended bear market sideways shuffle during the fall. However, now it’s up 24.8% over the last 30 days. At the same time, the Bitcoin ecosystem is thriving.

One project in this Bitcoin ecosystem has seen plenty of recent updates. Tectum is the project I’m referring to. So, we’re going to take a closer look at Tectum and its recent updates.

New Partnership with Sypool Protocol

Sypool Protocol offers synthetic asset pool management. So, we’re talking DeFi here. Sypool offers, among others, AI trading strategies or signal alerts and much more. 

Part of this partnership is that Sypool Protocol will start using Softnote technology. This allows them to tokenize assets in their platform. Sypool will also have a module in Tectum’s TIA AI chatbot. On a different note, the Altcoin Buzz team has been covering Tectum quite a lot recently. You can take a look at our recent video and article about Tectum. However, below you find a video explaining what Sypool does.

TET Listed on the XT Exchange

Tectum’s TET token and their Softnote are now both listed on the XT Exchange. Currently, Tectum is rolling out its Softnote in Turkey. Not coincidentally, the XT Exchange has a massive following in Turkey.

The Bitcoin Softnote deposits are now live on XT, since 2nd December. This allows you to buy a Softnote instead of minting them.  They trade as snBTC on the exchange. A softnote also allows you to make payments in any size. It offers three options, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Softnotes are a great scaling solution for Bitcoin. With a Softnote, there’s also no need for a wallet.

As part of the Softnote rollout in Turkey, Tectum also announced the TET token listing on XT. Since its release in July of this year, the token has been doing well. Over the last 30 days, it’s up by 20.7%. The current TET price is $10.41. It has a market cap of $52.5 million. Out of a max supply of 10 million TET tokens, 5 million circulate.

Bitcoin Softnote Ordinals Giveaway

Recently, Tectum minted the first ever 10 Bitcoin BRC20 Softnote ordinals. The team is giving away three of these early-mint Softnote ordinals. The giveaway ended on 5th December. The lucky winner had to react on the X thread below. Now, Softnote ordinals have 4 benefits over traditional ordinals. The winner needed to mention at least two of these benefits. The four benefits are,

  • Softnotes are immutable. You can’t re-inscribe a Softnote ordinal.
  • They have more options. Include files up to 2 GB when minting Softnote ordinals. 
  • Native blockchain. They live on the Tectum blockchain. That’s currently the fastest blockchain available. 
  • Easy to use. They offer various options for sending them. For example, with Discord, email, or WhatsApp.
The Tectum T12 Protocol

Staking on Tectum’s native T12 node starts in January. There’s good news for current TET stakers on Unicrypt. The Tectum team extended the Unicrypt staking pool by one month until February. This should allow for a seamless migration process to T12. It should ensure that current stakers won’t miss out on rewards.

The current staking rewards are at a whopping 63% APY.  Until February, this should remain at least at 50% or above.


Bitcoin is currently experiencing an upswing in price. The Bitcoin ecosystem is following suit. So, Tectum is riding the current Bitcoin wave and has various news updates. We cover these new Tectum updates in this article.

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