On February 3rd, TomoChain creator Long Vuong tweeted out an important upgrade for the TomoChain Network and its wallet. Tomomaster and D-App Browser are now live.

This update allows users to search and use D-Apps on the TomoChain Network. In addition, users can stake their TOMO by choosing a MasterNode to back. Every epoch stakers will receive TOMO in return.

If you have some TOMO that you aren’t doing anything with, choose a MasterNode to stake your coins with. This is a great way to earn free cryptocurrency, support the network, and help offset some of your potential losses. I personally think this is the best part of the update as you can run the TomoChain Wallet app on your phone, instantly stake your coins, and see your rewards all from your phone.

If you happen to hold at least 50,000 TOMO you have to potential to become one of the 150 masternodes that run the network. By receiving enough votes from stakers (coin holders) you can work your way into the top 150 MasterNodes.

I tried to use Tomo’s DApp Browser but it was slow for me and never seemed to find anything I searched for. It got stuck around the 75% buffer mark. I searched for simple things like ‘Tomo’, ‘Google’, and ‘Axie’ but never found anything.

Maybe I am using it wrong and not searching for the right things, if you know how to use it properly please leave a comment.

TomoChain has also announced a partnership with Axie Infinity, a digital pet community. Like cryptokitties, Axie allows users to collect, raise, and battle other user’s pets. Users can buy and sell items for TOMO tokens.

TomoChain was about $.16 in early December 2018 and now is close to $.60. That is close to a 4x gain in the past two months, both in USD and BTC. The project has clearly been benefiting from the recent rise in Bitcoin’s price.

TomoChain is a very interesting project with a bright future. If you wish to learn more about this project, click here.


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