Top 4 Altcoins for BIG GAINS in Feb 2023

Watch out! We have some altcoins that already gained from 28% to 160% during January. One of my picks did well over 100% last month! Another one is looking at hitting 90%. I expect even more in February. So, keep your eyes peeled on these four coins.

1) Lossless (LSS)

Lossless is a project that can freeze fraudulent transactions. It’s one of my fave altcoins out there. They use a set of fraud ID parameters to confirm that it is fraud. Once they confirm a fraud, they can return the stolen funds. Lossless is currently live on six chains, for instance:

  • Ethereum
  • BSC Chain
  • Fantom
  • Harmony 
  • Polygon

The only thing a project needs to do is add the Lossless protection to their tokens. Currently, Lossless protects 30 tokens or altcoins. This equals a value of $36.6 million. It just makes me wonder why not more chains and especially projects, add Lossless. 


Recently, Lossless added ‘wrapped tokens’. This is part of their ‘Aegis’ feature. Aegis does threat monitoring and has smart contract defense capabilities. Now, with wrapped tokens, projects don’t have to rewrite their contracts anymore. They can add Lossless protection with the wrapped tokens. This makes onboarding new projects a lot easier. Here are some examples:

  • Aegis supports 5 chains, just replace the BSC chain with Elysium. The team is adding more Aegis features over time. The wrapped token feature is the biggest feature to date.
  • They also offer Vault protection. This protects wallets of projects owners. This can be, for example, the treasury or other project funds.
  • Lossless also offers a token minter. Now, newly minted tokens have the Lossless protection automatically added.
  • The Token Relaunch toolkit is another feature of Lossless. This allows existing projects to relaunch their tokens with the added Lossless protection. 
  • Lossless can now also become a payment option. Service providers only need to add this feature.

  • How about a farm on Unicrypt. The team give a great description on how to join. Check the previous link.
  • Another exciting new feature will be the addition of staking options for the LSS token. 

So, we see plenty of exciting activity going on at Lossless. They have a growing ecosystem. There are also frequent updates and reviews on social media. See their Twitter account. All this activity led to an 84.6% increase in price of the LSS token over the last 30 days. That’s why I added this token to keep an eye out on it in February. This token is undervalued! Do you already own any LSS tokens? So, let’s move on to my next call, Aleph Zero and its AZERO token. One of our February altcoins.

2) Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 blockchain. They are all about privacy-enhancing. Keep an eye out on this since I expect privacy blockchains to take the spotlights this year. So, Aleph Zero is one of my favorite up and coming L1 projects. It’s also an Altcoin Buzz favorite in general. They have some exciting news in the pipeline that I’m about to share with you.

In December, we highlighted the AZERO twice. Here is an example. Their biggest news is that smart contracts are coming. This allows for other projects and dApps to launch on Aleph Zero. For example:

  • Azero Paladins. This is a coin flip and lottery project with revenue share. But that’s not all, they also have an NFT collection coming up on the ArtZero marketplace. They will also have their own $AZP token. NFT holders will receive this token as an airdrop.
  • ArtZero. This is an NFT launchpad and marketplace. 
  • They support InkWhale, a staking and yield farming project. Their token will be the INW token.
  • Drkvr, a metaverse that will build on Aleph Zero.
  • AzeroPunks, an NFT collection, coming soon.

And this is just the beginning. We will see plenty more dApps and projects joining the Aleph Zero platform. Aleph Zero is a Proof-of-Stake chain. Staking rewards for delegators and validators are around 12%. Their current staking ratio is almost 71%. Furthermore, they just added public validators to their mainnet.

For instance, ArtZero is also one of the Aleph Zero public validators. If you stake your AZERO with them, you will receive the INW token. There’s also a partnership with Interlock. This will protect DeFi users.

The biggest news last week was that Aleph Zero won a parachain slot on Polkadot. They will use this parachain slot as a bridging mechanism, connecting both projects. Bringing privacy and infrastructure to the Polkadot ecosystem. So, this is big news for both projects. No surprise that with all this news, Aleph Zero and its Azero token are on a rally at the moment. During the last 30 days, the token went up by 39%.

Did you already jump on the Aleph Zero train? Before it leaves the station? Let me know how you like this project. In the meantime, we move on to Seedify. Another one of our fave altcoins fr February.

3) Seedify (SFUND)

Seedify is a launchpad and blockchain gaming incubator. They are community focused and only support blockchain gaming projects. They made this with gamers in their mind. Their token is the SFUND token. And like the other two tokens I discussed, SFUND also rallied over the last 30 days. They clocked 28.1%.

Part of their rally is that they are busy doing what they do best. And that is launching NFTs. Most importantly, come 13th February, they will launch their very first own collection. That’s The Mounts. These are NFTs that you can use as carriers in Seedworld. That’s the name of their metaverse. 

You can buy these NFTs with the SNFTS token, for 40,000 SNFTS per NFT. To clarify, the collection is 10,000 NFTs. The team will burn all proceeds from this sale. In other words, that’s 400 million SNFTS. Keep an eye out on our website, we have an article coming out in a few days about the Mounts.

They also have two IGOs coming up on their launchpad. These are Initial Game Offerings. The next planned IGOs are:

  • War Legends. This is a Tank based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).
  • G4AL (Games for a living): A platform for developers.

So, this leaves one more out of four altcoins for February. And that’s an all-time fave, Fantom.

4) Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is all about DeFi. The most exciting news is that Andre Cronje is back onboard. He’s now at the helm of technical development at Fantom. Among others, he invented Yearn Finance. From late October 2022 to late January 2023, we saw an increase in unique wallet addresses by x11. From 3.5 million to 40 million UWAs.

In his inimitable way, he immediately made an impact on his return to DeFi and Fantom. This is one of his tweets. It’s about expectation management. So, basically, there will be no announcements or reveals. However, he will discuss progress.

They also started an Ecosystem Vault. This collects 10% of all transaction fees paid to the network. You can get a grant if you create a Fantom Governance proposal. However, you will need a 55% approval and quorum rate.

Fantom also released version 2 of their fUSD stablecoin. This allows you to allocate fees in FTM or fUSD. You can predict future costs based on usage. Thus opening the way for more institutional products for users. There’s no timeline for the release yet. However, it did boost the FTM price.

Now, over the last 30 days, the FTM token went up by no less than 160.3%. That’s by far the best performance of all 4 tokens I talked about today. This is most certainly one of the altcoins to keep an eye out on in February.

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