Top Runes Projects to Know — Part 2

This is Part 2 on top Runes projects. Runes are an improvement over Ordinals. In Part 1, we looked at some OG Runes projects. In Part 2, we include some more OGs and also some newer Runes projects. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in. Let’s take a closer look at some top Runes projects.

1) Runnessance

Runessance is a lending platform. Besides being on Runes, you can also find the platform on PIPE. It allows you to use your UTXO tokens as collateral, so you can borrow BTC. On the other hand, lending your BTC gives you attractive bitcoin-native yields. 

UTXO stands for an unspent transaction output. For example, it prevents double-spending attacks. On their website, you can sign up for their mailing list. This helps you stay in touch with their latest updates or follow the Runessance X account. A few days ago, their testnet was 66% complete.

2) RunePro

RunePro is building a marketplace for Runes. They are also still building their testnet. In other words, currently, there’s no workable product. However, keep following their X account, and you may be able to secure a whitelist spot for their testnet. This will also give you points as a reward once the testnet launches.

You’re still very early. As you may have noticed, most Runes projects are still being built. We’re now drifting into the newer Runes projects.

3) Runetoshi

On Runetoshi you can mint your own Runes. This was on Signet. That’s a Bitcoin testnet. However, this mint has closed now. As an alternative, you can mint Dunes on their website. But it’s only open until Sunday, 10th March. They will pause the mint. So, keep an eye out on socials. At the time of writing, Saturday 9th March, the website was down.

4) Apes of Runes

Apes of Runes is a very new Runes project. It didn’t join X until late February. So, there’s not that much information available yet. However, we do know that plan to have a 10k collection. The idea is that art and Runes meet. You can secure a whitelist spot by clicking on this Google Drive link.

Download one of your favorite “Apes of Runes” from the file. Now, post your selected Ape on X with a message. That should give you a WL spot.

5) RuneChain

RuneChain is building a Runes marketplace. You can join their Discord or go to their Magic Eden page. There you can buy some of their Inscriptions. The current floor is 0.0003579 BTC. At current USD rates, that’s around $25.

You can get OG / Early OG cards. These grant you ZERO FEES on their marketplace. The project will also airdrop you parts of their JPEG collection. A Runes token airdrop is also mentioned. Holding an Early OG also gets you 10% more Runes allocation. The supply is 200 Early OG and 1950 OG Cards. The picture below shows their distribution.

Runes projects

Source: X 

6) Runeflex

Runeflex is building the to-go DeFi app for Runes. It’s one of the Runes projects that didn’t join X until last February. So, it is still in its early development. However, they already have a website and released a roadmap. The website also has a lending. This is a feature that’s still in the pipeline. The project plans to launch in week 16 of this year. This also happens to be the week during which the halving should take place. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

7) Runes Rocks

The Runes Rocks are an NFT collection of, well, rocks. There are only 100 of them, so they’re pretty scarce. There are only 6 listed on their Magic Eden page. The current floor ranges between 0.22 and 55 BTC. That’s respectively $1,360 and $3.74 million. These are steep prices for a picture of a rock. See the picture below.

Runes Projects

Source: X

8) Not The First Runes Coin — NTFRC

Not The First Runes Coin (NTFRC) is currently still a bit of a mystery. They are still cooking. The first step is their X profile. That’s also where you can get a whitelist spot. There’s not much more information currently available.


This is Part 2 of the top Runes projects. In Part 2, we looked at newer Runes projects. Although, that’s all relative since the whole Runes ecosystem is new. However, most of the projects in this article are from February 2024. Here’s a link to Part 1. There we discussed the OG Runes projects.



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