Utrust has announced that it has integrated Latin American currencies.

The aim of Utrust is to give cryptocurrency access to many businesses willing to adopt crypto payments in Latin American region. Besides the Latin American currencies they also recently added $BRL, $MXN, $ARS, $DOP, and $CLP.

Sanja Kon, the CEO of Utrust, added that the aim of Utrust is to empower the business world and people with access to digital currencies. Utrust also offers businesses with the best blockchain payment solution for the money of tomorrow. Adding support for the Latin American currencies is another milestone for Utrust.

Registration for Utrust merchants

In order to start accepting crypto on your e-commerce store, you can register as a Utrust merchant. To register as a Utrust merchant, click here.

The registration lasts for just five minutes. It is important that you have some vital company information before proceeding with the registration. Such information includes legal name, legal address, and VAT number (if applicable).

Utrust: Making digital payments easier

Utrust aims to promote payments using digital currencies. It is their goal to make digital currency payments not only a go-to choice but as a mainstream choice for everyone.

In May, Utrust entered a strategic partnership with Magento. This partnership with Magento will help them achieve this goal with ease.

Having 12% of the marketplace already, Magento platform will convert this percentage into cryptocurrency users. This is made available through the partnership with Utrust. Besides, the success of this partnership will ensure that digital currencies can provide complex payment solutions for high-ranking industry giants.

Previously, Utrust announced its selection into the Alchemist Accelerator program. The Alchemist Accelerator is the foremost B2B accelerator in the US. The Alchemist Accelerator program claims they have the mission to provide funding to start-ups. It is also an exclusive program with a focus on B2B companies, especially those who generate revenue from transacting with enterprises, rather than consumers directly. As this program is venture-backed and highly exclusive, it does not accept applications from every company.


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