Victoria VR Launches First Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Apple recently launched its Apple Vision Pro Headset. This is a massive boost for the metaverse narrative. Following this launch, another lesser-known company took a spot in the headlights as well.

Victoria VR is about to introduce its metaverse on this headset. So, let’s take a look at what this Apple release can do for the metaverse and how Victoria VR fits into this picture.

Who Is Victoria VR?

Victoria VR is one of the metaverse pioneers. In the metaverse, VR stands for virtual reality. They are VR developers. So, in other words, they fit perfectly into Apple’s headset. Apple launched on the 2nd of February. Victoria VR is set to launch its metaverse in Q2-2024. They built their metaverse with the Unreal Engine. As a result, their visuals are top-notch.

Their metaverse world is a world without limitations. There are no bodily or otherwise physical laws. Time and physics take on new forms. You can be who you want to be. It’s the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Victoria VR foresees that VR will replace and overtake many conveniences we know. For example:

  • Television.
  • Cinema.
  • Education.
  • Entertainment.
  • Internet searches.

How about meeting people in person without having to travel? Or going to school or work without having to commute? These are all options that VR opens up for you.

As a result of this partnership with Apple, their VR token surged. Over the last 30 days, it’s up by 60.9%. The current VR price is $0.03819. It has a market cap of $227.4 million. The total supply is 16.8 billion VR tokens. Out of these, 5.9 billion already circulate. The VR token was launched back in December 2021.

So, it has been around for a while. On the back of this news, there’s plenty of potential to see more positive price development. 

Victoria VR and the Apple Vision Pro Headset

The Victoria VR metaverse has an eye for details. For example, their Victoria VR Island uses Feng Shui ideas. It brings out the best of Apple’s headset. This headset is an astonishing piece of work. It’s also the ultimate VR and AR (augmented reality) experience. The only things you use are your hands, eyes, and voice. It’s like having your PC or laptop on your head. It’s lightweight but pricey. Current versions cost around $3.500. I would imagine and hope that in a few years, similar headsets will be more affordable.

Come the 9th of February, Victoria QR will have a CQB (close-quarters battle) demonstration. Early access to their metaverse should be available in April 2024. The picture below shows the Apple headset.


The metaverse received a new injection with the release of Apple’s new Vision Pro Headset. As a surprise metaverse supplier, we see Victoria VR entering the Apple crypto scene. As a result, their VR token surged last month.



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