Vite Labs integrates chainlink oracles

Several top-notch milestone achievements on new generation decentralized technology platform Vite Labs.

Achievements include Vite Labs integration of Chainlink oracles, its proposed app launch as well as several other updates announced in the last week of May 2020.

Details of the updates

Integration with Chainlink

Vite Labs have disclosed plans to incorporate Chainlink data oracles. For Vite Labs to operate a reliable and secure platform it requires a decentralized, credible, and diverse off-chain data feed. Notably, Chainlink, in recent times, has come to be addressed as the best price data oracle available today. With its services currently employed by several tech giants like Google, Oracle, Digitex, Tezos, Ava Labs, etc.

Vite Labs partnership with Chainlink will subsequently, help link on-chain and off-chain data. As well as facilitate the integration of blockchain systems with conventional centralized platforms. Thereby, resulting in the expansion of Vite Labs gateway.

Chainlink’s price data oracles will also help build applications like decentralized derivative trading, VitePlus, VitePay, etc on Vite Labs.

Data on ViteX

June 1, 2020, saw the burning of a whopping 18,042,819 VITE. The amount burned accounts for about 1.8% of the total number of VITE tokens issued. About 23.83% of total VITE issued is currently staked on ViteX exchange, which is about 138,435,458 VITE. 7,110,327 ViteX has been released with 6,563,963 ViteX staked for interest.

Technology updates

May 20 – The community announced the launch of its Star Global Election Campaign. Candidates will furthermore be displayed on

May 22 – Vite Labs BD Director Isda, alongside several other top officials, took part in the “Pizza Day Carnival”. Organized by Jinse Finance and Huobi, several other Chinese blockchain practitioners participated in the carnival too.

May 27 – ViteX Back-End service technical article published by the blockchain platform. The article illustrates smart contracts on the blockchain platform using three vantage points namely; design, performance, and system reliability. The platform also completed its fourth hard fork making the mainnet stable with a normal block production rate. Work on ViteX Python SDK and Java SDK has been completed and is therefore expected to go live soon.

Vite App

Vite Labs has put finishing touches to its 3.7.0 app version. Adding that its iOS version is currently under review by the App Store. On May 29, Vite Labs also submitted its Android version to Google Play.

V3.7.0 of the app comes with several updates. Including a total revamp of its transaction detail page in native code. Users, similarly, complained of previous versions taking too much time to load and being unable to copy fields like address and transaction hash. The upgrade boasts of easy navigation, users can also now easily copy addresses and transaction hashes.    

Other upgrades on the app include, orders can now be placed or canceled immediately. Users will, however, need to confirm pending orders to prevent the completion of incorrect orders.

Vite Labs COO Richard hosted a podcast with Qiao Wang, Messari’s advisor, and Bitcoin maximalist Jimmy Song as guests. The topic was on “corporate bailout and capital market rescue”. The podcast is also available for download here.


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