ClayStack Malawi testnet

Claystack has announced the commencement of its Malawi testnet. Malawi is the second big step forward in developing its liquid staking system.

Claystack’s Malawi is a protocol specially designed to allow users to stake their tokens without locking up their assets.

According to reports, the Claystack journey began early this month with its first public testnet dubbed Onega. However, it was only available to ClayStack’s community of ambassadors. Therefore, Ambassadors were tasked with testing the protocol, searching for bugs, and pointing out areas that needed improvement. Finally, their feedback, the assessment helped to improve the protocol.

On the other hand, the Onega testnet made the liquid staking available on the Polygon Network. Therefore, ambassadors can easily stake their $MATIC tokens to receive $csMATIC tokens on the testnet, having the following capacities:

  • Rack up tokens from the faucet
  • Stake / Unstake tokens.
  • Earn staking rewards.

In essence, they tried out every aspect of the testnet, ensuring it was operational and bug-free.

More About ClayStack Malawi Testnet

With the successful completion of the Onega testnet, the ClayStack Malawi testnet is the next major milestone in ClayStack’s development. In Malawi, everyone listed on the waitlist will access the testnet. However, despite being on the waitlist, they also have to play a special game to access the testnet.

Everyone who participated in the wailist was listed on the Claystack. According to Claystack, a total of 25,000 people participated in the experiment. To give everyone on the waitlist a fair chance, they all have to join the DeFi game – StraitToMalawi.

The Secret of Malawi Testnet Launch is testing Game

In this Game, every player has to gather a unique combination of five tokens that must have a total value equal to or higher than a player’s number on the waitlist. So the higher a player is on the waitlist, the higher their chances are of winning access to the testnet. The ERC-20 tokens and players can easily access them by connecting their Metamask wallets.

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