Zcoin Lelantus Cryptographic Library Audit Results

The importance of privacy to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space can not be over-emphasized. Hence, the proposed launch of the Lelantus protocol by privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcoin.

To facilitate the launch of the much-anticipated Lelantus protocol, Zcoin has released details of the protocol cryptographic audit trail. Funded by Zcoin Crowdfunding System (ZCS) community donations, the audit trail was carried out by Jim Miller and Will Song.

Miller and Song are both engineers employed by popular audit firm Trail of Bits.

In April, Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin had discussed in detail the rudiments of privacy on the blockchain in a YouTube interview with Altcoin Buzz.

Details of the audit result

The results of the audits by Trail of Bits turned out exceptionally well. Apart from a few typographical errors, the entire protocol seems to be in order. According to the audit, the typos were majorly located in the protocol’s academic paper as well as a few inconsequential aspects of the protocol. The cryptographic library audit uncovered two drawbacks on Lelantus. The first was of medium importance while the other was merely informational. The third issue of high severity was also uncovered and it concerns an incomplete integration code. According to the published audit, the Lelantus protocol had no security risk whatsoever.

All bugs on the protocol have been located, fixed, implemented, and reviewed by audit firm Trail of Bits. Furthermore, Lelantus protocol cryptographic library code is also now accessible to the general public. Find out more about the issues located on the protocol and the fixes carried out on them here.

Zcoin revealed that it was pleased with the audit carried out by Trail of Bits. Furthermore, adding that the demeanor, professionalism, and mastery displayed by the engineers who carried out the audit were quite impressive.

According to Zcoin, this cryptographic audit wouldn’t have been possible without the immense support of its community members. Several of them made donations through Zcoin’s Crowdfunding System (ZCS). The platform in total received approximately 5569 XZC from 105 contributors. Some of them include; Aram Jivanyan, Roger Ver, Hakushu, Nico Fritschi, Sebastian Bausch, Poramin Insom, Ivan Brightly, Reuben Yap, David Holliday, Rasikh Morani, Savil, Albert Castellana, etc. This list is far from comprehensive as many of the contributors chose to remain anonymous.

What does the future hold?

Apart from the recently concluded and published audit by Trail of Bits, Lelantus protocol is currently undergoing another cryptography audit. This time, the audit is being carried out by Dmitry Khovratovich of ABDK Consulting and solely funded from Zcoin Development Fund. This audit is absolutely important because instead of focusing on implementation, it is more concerned with the protocol’s actual cryptography. The result of the audit by ABDK Consulting is expected to be ready in about two weeks’ time.

Scheduled to go live before the end of the year, developers are hard at work to ensure the protocol meets up with its intended launch timeline. According to Zcoin, users should expect a Lelantus testnet launch in the coming weeks.

Previously we published an in-depth article of Zcoin Lelantus protocol, as well as the top 5 milestones on its XZC roadmap.

At the time of publishing, Zcoin’s token XZC is priced at $6.99 with a 24-hour trading volume of $19,167,554.


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