Don't Miss Out on Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa is a low-cost layer 1 protocol that is highly secure. The platform has been working to increase Web3 adoption. It recently shared its latest effort in that direction.

Zilliqa has announced the launch of the Web3 Alliance. The Alliance is a global advisory group dedicated to identifying promising projects. The organization will also assist brokers in making introductions that lead to investments.

The Web3 Alliance will function as an offshoot of the Zilliqa team. It will also feature advisors who share Zilliqa’s long-term perspective on the Web3 community. The alliance would ensure that Zilliqa has global coverage. So, it will extract possibilities throughout numerous mediums. And interact with different audiences all over the globe.

More About the Alliance

Zilliqa will reward the facilitating advisor for a project recommendation that leads to an investment. They will receive compensation in ZIL, Zilliqa’s native token. The amount of ZIL awarded will vary and will be given after the investment has been made.

Via the alliance, Zilliqa’s team plans to expand its functionalities. They’ll do so by providing a series of solutions to projects. This includes access to financing, advisory, as well as a large network of talent to help new projects scale. In addition, the alliance will offer access to industry experts.

This will help new startups capitalize on the experience of these experts to bring growth and visibility. Zilliqa presently has more than 250 dApps. But, it plans to include more metaverse, gaming, and NFTs projects. That and support for its high-profile Metapolis project.

ZIlliqa Web3 Alliance

Zilliqa is Accepting Web3 Scouts

The layer one protocol has begun accepting applications from potential Web3 advisors or scouts. Furthermore, intending members would have to go through a series of interviews with the Zilliqa team. This would help them understand each applicant’s background and qualifications.

Already, the news of the Alliance has stirred a deeper sense of purpose within Zilliqa’s growing community. This alliance could be the springboard for the next generation of Web3 projects. According to Dr. Ben Livshits, CEO of Zilliqa, Zilliqa has had an effective presence in the blockchain world. But there are several projects that are yet to recognize how the platform could usher them into a new phase of growth. So, this alliance would educate various communities about Zilliqa’s offerings and services.

Bradley Laws, Head of Investor Relations of Zilliqa, said, “This is a very simple but strategic approach that’s perfect for a decentralized future where community is everything. At the same time, every scout serves as an advocate for Zilliqa, which will help us to amplify our presence as we source top-quality projects.”

This international advisory would increase the number of projects coming into Zilliqa. Furthermore, it shows the platform’s faith in collaboration within the blockchain space. Bradley further stated, “An international advisory network expands our coverage of Web3 investment opportunities and enables us to attract the best to build on Zilliqa. Scouts become advocates for Zilliqa and are incentivized to build the community with us.”

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa offers a one-of-a-kind solution for projects and decentralized applications. A group of global industry and business experts founded the platform in 2017. Since then, Zilliqa’s quest has been to change digital infrastructure across global communities and industries. It does this by designing innovative and scalable blockchain solutions. This solution has a user-friendly approach. Furthermore, several applications use Zilliqa’s technology. This includes asset securitization, content creators, and the influencer economy. The protocol has also processed over 30 million transactions since it launched its mainnet. And one of the secrets to its security and speed, sharding is the technology Vitalik believes is the future of ETH 2.0. With Zilliqa, that future is now.

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