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Wednesday’s sell-off resulted in $800 million in liquidations. Market sentiments have turned highly bearish. But even in such markets, there is an opportunity. We are not talking about the undeniable buying opportunities created by most high-potential coins available at heavy discounts.

However, in this video, we will be talking about your stablecoin positions and where you can park them to Earn Passive Income With Crypto between 6-12%. Very big returns on your stables in liquidity pools that could go up to a massive 434% to 5.52 million % APR yield while you wait for the altcoin market to pump again.

1. Nexo

Nexo has some good safeguards in place. Although based in Europe, Americans can use the platform too. They include military-grade security, regular audits from Armanino, custody by Bitgo and Ledger, and $375 million in insurance on deposits.

nexo passive income

Source: Nexo

Other pluses include:

  • Exchange service linked to the Nexo wallet
  • 2% higher interest rate if you decide to take it in their Nexo token 
  • Debit card coming soon
  • One of the established leaders in the industry

Also, the rates they pay are 10% for USDT, USDC, or DAI stablecoins and 6% for gold-backed $PAXG coins. All these rates increase by 2% if you receive your payment in Nexo instead of the stablecoin you deposited. 

As we mentioned in the intro, you can park your USDC in liquidity pools on projects like Francium built on Solana to earn APRs like 141873.00% or in Beefy Finance on Binance Smart Chain park BUSD and earn up to 5.52mn% APR. 

Remember, these are not interest rates but the APRs you can earn in farming pools. With that, the higher the APR, the higher the risk. If you want more details on such high APRs and which stablecoin pools are safe, join Altcoin Buzz Access group for such weekly updates and more.

2. Celsius

Celsius is American-based and registered with FinCEN, which take security very seriously. For security, they use:

  • 2FA and Biometric Authentication
  • A status called HODL mode where you won’t be able to transfer funds or change whitelisted withdrawal addresses, as well as a 24-hour delay before deactivating this security mode. 
  • Automatic logouts and multi-party computation 

Celcius passive income

Source: Celcius

Other pluses include:

  • New swap service (it’s in Beta now)
  • Easy pay service to pay other Celsius members
  • Earn more if you make payment in their CEL token 

Their pay rates are 10.02% on all fiat-based stablecoins (USDC and USDT) and 4.6% on multi-collateral DAI.

Celsius returns are pretty good, especially on USDC and Tether. But if you like the idea of using your stablecoins in a liquidity pool that could earn over 500% on BSC (yes, seriously, more than 500% per year), then join our AB Access group, where we show you where these opportunities are.

3. BlockFi

BlockFi is a US-based crypto lending platform that pays on your stablecoins like a bank-style savings account. They call it their Interest Account. The Gemini Exchange is their custodian, and BlockFi works with BitGo, the custodian behind Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ethereum.

blockfi passive income

Source: BlockFi

Other pluses include:

  • Trading account to swap your stablecoins for other cryptos.
  • They DON’T have their token; they try to get you to buy.
  • Bitcoin rewards credit card.
  • Institutional services if you are a whale and need to do bulk buying or selling.

The rates BlockFi pays are 9% for USDC and DAI and 9.5% for USDT if, in all 3 cases, you deposit less than USD 40,000. Deposit more than $40k, and your interest rates drop by 1%.

4. is a fast-growing company with offices in 22 countries. The platform works with Ledger Vault for security and uses cold storage solutions. They also carry $750 million in cold storage insurance. Moreover, uses custodian banks in certain countries, including the US, for holding fiat funds. passive income


Other pluses include:

  • If you want to earn more by getting paid in their token $CRO, the token is a great performer in recent history. 
  • One of the best crypto debit cards.
  • Trading account and a DeFi wallet
  • NFT capability and derivatives trading

Also, the rates pays are 6% for flexible accounts on USDC, USDT, and DAI and 8% if you lock up your money for one month. Commodity coin PAXG pays 1%.

5. Freeway from Aubit

Our last one is a newer player on the block, Freeway by Aubit is regulated by the EU and has licenses with BaFin in Germany and MIFID II and FCA compliant (in the UK). They use the steady-state DeFi insurance protocol to protect investors. Lastly, they are an EU-regulated broker from a compliance point of view. 

Freeway from Aubit passive income


Other pluses include:

  • 80% of fees are shared with investors on the platform 
  • Zero ongoing platform fees, unlike most managers with the ‘2 and 20’ model (2% fee and 20% of the profits)
  • Their philosophy is to go from custody that costs you money to custody that pays you money
  • Some trade fees as low as $1
  • Their token FWT gives you discounted trading fees if you use it
  • And one last thing we liked is that they don’t have brand ambassadors. They call them guerillas. We like that aggressive, hustling culture is part of Aubit.

Finally, Freeway offers interest rates on two stablecoins: USDC and Tether, and without staking their FWT coin, they pay 12%, the highest rate we’ve seen.

Moreover, join us on Telegram to receive free trading signals.

Above all, for more cryptocurrency news, check out the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


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