Top Low Market Cap tokens in this DeFi Bubble

With the resurgence of interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem, the cryptocurrency market experienced ballistic growth during the early days of August 2020. DeFi mania has also kicked in.

However, as soon as bitcoin crossed the $12K resistance band, altcoins and DeFi tokens started pulling back. All this lasted briefly and currently, bitcoin is sitting sideways. Meanwhile, altcoins and DeFi tokens have started showing signs of recovery. This is the best time to maximize the gains by keeping positions into altcoins.

For the last one year, we have been keeping a watch on DeFi projects very seriously. We keep talking about projects such as Chainlink, Enjin, Binance, Ren Protocol, Kyber Network, Band Protocol, and Kava regularly. But our search for coins that hold huge potential to explode is on!

DeFi is a revolution

While some DeFi projects are doing great there are a lot of one-page websites raising money on Uniswap similar to the ICO boom back in 2017. So, one has to be a bit careful and manage risks.

Undoubtedly, bitcoin and ethereum still remain the safest investment. But it’s equally important to keep an eye out on low market cap coins for the multiplier effect. This article talks about a mix of DeFi and non-DeFi projects with a focus on enterprise solutions and blockchain gaming.

By no means is this a complete list of all the coins that hold great potential. We have been aggressively reviewing DeFi/non-DeFi projects and have been communicating with their teams.

In this article, we have covered 4 out of our long list of reviewed coins that we think hold promise to go a long way. We will give you some details and insights as to why.

All the projects are interesting for different reasons and we have some insights that will make you like one over the other, so do check them all out.

Here is the video from our Altcoin Buzz YouTube Channel published on August 14 that discussed some of the exciting developments around these projects.


However, in this article, we will talk about these projects at a more granular level. We will share insights about their technology, use-case, partnerships, and development activities. We have been continuously reaching out to project teams to get exclusive details for our readers.

Top Low market cap altcoins to buy in this DeFi Bubble
  1. TrustSwap – $SWAP

Category – DeFi

Trustswap is a full-service decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. It is an ecosystem designed to help people and organizations exchange digital assets securely and reliably. Beyond that, it saves users both time and money as it greatly reduces the need for middlemen like banks and attorneys. Its use-cases like SmartLock (time-based payments) and SmartSwap (P2P escrow payments) are helping build an entirely new business model in DeFi.

Trustswap token $SWAP was launched on July 9 and sold out the token sale in less than 60 seconds. Since its inception, Trustswap has been the top-10 most searched project on Coingecko. Trustswap’s popularity is growing day by day and it is being called the new DeFi Giant. That is because it is trying to revolutionize the DeFi space. In the last 30 days, Trustswap exhibited some really crazy gains and its price is up by 239.6%.

As a matter of fact, the price rally was fired up by the launch of TrustSwap Launchpad. According to the team, it is just like Binance Launchpad but on steroids. And the launch proved them right. On 26 August as it announced the first launchpad project – Chain Games. Within 10 minutes of the launch, the CHAIN token volume on Uniswap crossed $4,000,000.

Market-cap (Aug 27, 2020) – $53,907,085
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 27, 2020) – #171
Development activity ranking – #312

TrustSwap Capabilities
The platform is trying to change the DeFi space by offering 4 major features. These are:

  • TrustSwap Launchpad
    Slow-release of token sale on TrustSwap Launchpad protects investors against large investor dumps. Furthermore, the Team token lock-in gives investors some confidence that the team is there to stay.

    It is an implementation of the DAICO concept proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2018. This will make ICO’s more secure. Furthermore, in case the token holders are not happy with the progress made by developers, they can vote for the refund of the contributed funds. It makes the developers more accountable and gives investors peace of mind.

    This could be a new gold standard for token sales. With most of the marketing volume and listings getting on Uniswap this could potentially be a game-changer for fundraising and investor security. For this very reason, TrustSwap is our number one pick and that’s why we will discuss the Launchpad in detail.

  • Crypto Subscriptions
    Using an Ethereum-based token, online retailers can integrate crypto subscriptions on their websites.
  • Escrow Services
    As a fully-audited, secure, and non-custodial platform, TrustSwap eliminates the need for a middleman.
  • Wrapping as a Service
    Any token can be wrapped and used on the Ethereum network.
TrustSwap Launchpad in detail

Imagine a decentralized Binance launchpad with preventive measures for any dumping on the investors. TrustSwap’s smart contract platform will lock the Team tokens, and private/presale investor tokens to avoid any dumping on the investors. The teams’ tokens and the money raised will also be locked. It will be released only when they and achieve certain milestones.

Launchpad offers more to SWAP holders!
Every project that goes live through the TrustSwap Launchpad will airdrop 2% of their total token supply to the SWAP holders. To participate in the TrustSwap Launchpad one needs to have 10,000 SWAP tokens locked and eventually will launch a tier system for with different locks getting different allocations. Also, people who have been holding SWAP tokens for longer will get more privileges as well. Thus, the SWAP holders will be incentivized to hold SWAP tokens.

The Trustswap platform is free for anyone to use, to conduct sales, token locks, time-based token release, and DAICO. But for the Trustswap Launchpad, they will be selecting very few high-quality projects. We are most excited about DAICO.

After the recent market pullback, Trustswap is now trading close to $1.02 and the project holds tremendous potential to grow multi-fold.

Major updates for TrustSwap

The platform has partnered with UniTradeApp, the layer2 of Uniswap. Once UniTradeApp is live, Trustswap will be directly integrated into it. It is important to note that UniTrade will take a massive amount of market share in the decentralized exchange landscape.

With the completion of TrustSwap Testnet, the mainnet launch is just around the corner. And it is one of the most awaited product launches. Within 40 days of its launch, TrustSwap crossed the 10,000 holder benchmark and is already listed on a few of the top 25 exchanges like BitMart and The platform is prepped up for launch across Japan, China, and South Korea.

Recently, fostered a massive partnership with Glided. Finance to tackle the pain the crypto users go through during tax season. The platform will be integrating a Glided expense categorization widget so that Trustswap users can categorize their transactions.

Altcoin Buzz recently interviewed TrustSwap Founder and CEO Jeff Kirdeikis on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube Channel. Here is what he has to say about this revolutionary platform.

TrustSwap has indeed impressed and we cannot stop talking about it. But its time we move to our next pick.

2. Ethverse $ETHV

Category – Blockchain Gaming

You all know how much we love Enjin. We have been covering Enjin religiously since early 2018 and to date remains one of our favorite crypto projects. Once the blockchain gaming train starts moving, which it, Enjin will be ahead of everyone by far.

Then there is Decentraland. It has created a virtual city where a lot of land trading and building of 3D buildings is happening. We do trade land on $MANA occasionally and it is a lot of fun.

Ethverse brings the vision of Enjin and the dynamics of Decentraland under one roof. It focuses on just Minecraft and takes it a step further than what Enjin has done for Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. With over 200 million copies sold as of May 2020, it has amassed 132 million active players.

Using the Minecraft and Ethereum blockchain, ETHVerse has developed an open, interactive, and decentralized virtual universe. Immersive experiences have been created for users and they can monetize their Minecraft assets and services. Thus, it has been built with a completely user-centric approach.

ETHV, the native token of ETHVerse powers the ecosystem and is used by platform users to

1) Buy and sell land/assets
2) Add new cities
3) Pay for DeFi Banking services
4) Pay for Gaming

As a free to play and explore the game, ETHVerse incorporates decentralized finance (DeFi). And that makes it first of a kind in any Metaverse project that is capable of offering DeFi services.

Ethverse Capabilities

Packed with amazing features, ETHVerse’s, its multiple DeFi capabilities make it a high potential project. Talking about a few, the users can borrow tokens by using land and other assets as collateral while the lenders can earn interest for lending their tokens.

Many projects are working on integrating blockchain to Minecraft but their prime focus has been adding a good crypto wallet. However, ETHVerse is building a complete crypto ecosystem around Minecraft.

Some of its most talked-about features are land/asset ownership, building Structures, the marketplace, DeFi Banking, payments, roleplay, and much more.

We also covered the ETHVerse teaser of their first city Vega on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.

Market-cap (Aug 27, 2020) – $9,712,906
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 27, 2020) – #357
Development activity ranking – #485

Major updates for Ethverse

ETHVerse is creating a new world of gaming altogether. To give users a taste of the same, its private beta is now open for limited users.

And what Ethverse does, it gives these players the ability to own their items, buy and sell land and then there is a Twist. A Defi twist. They are building an ability for players to take loans against their land as collateral. This is going to be very interesting. Within 10 days of its launch on Uniswap, ETHVerse had 2000 unique token holder addresses.

Recently, YouTuber Ivan on Tech and crypto analyst Nick Cote onboarded ETHVerse’s advisory board.  In early August, ETHV was also on the topmost searched tokens list.

Though Ethverse is still relatively early and the developers are mostly anonymous we think once the beta is released and it is successful, we could see a much higher market cap than it is right now.

Over the last 30 days, ETHV has pulled back a little and is trading close to $0.692263 at the time of the press.

3. KardiaChain $KAI

Category – Enterprise Solution

When will blockchain go mainstream? KardiaChain is one such project in the crypto space that could answer this question. KaridaChain is working on this grand objective to make blockchain gain mainstream use. The philosophy behind the project is that unless government agencies endorse blockchain, mass adoption is not possible.

That is why KardiaChain is built specifically to serve government bodies and enterprises. And KardiaChain collaboration game has been on through H1 of 2020. In the past three months, KardiaChain has experienced blinding community growth as well as exceptional market performance. It owes the growing popularity of consistent developments and partnerships with leading projects like Chainlink and Neo.

Market-cap (Aug 27, 2020) – $9,712,906
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 27, 2020) – #357
Development activity ranking – #485

KardiaChain Capabilities

A big feature of KardiaChain is interoperability and non-invasive hybrid blockchain platforms. These features make it quite an attractive proposition for clients. It deploys dual nodes to monitor both KardiaChain protocol and the connected blockchain. Such an approach to interoperability enables seamless transaction validation/reading and is capable of processing cross calls between the two protocols.

Furthermore, currently, KardiaChain comprises of Kardia Unified Smart Contract Language (KSML) and Adoption Decentralized Application (ADAPP). KSML will make smart contracts written on KardiaChain deployable on other protocols. While ADAPP will facilitate decentralization of services and products for the adopting agencies. 

Major updates for KardiaChain

In the last 30 days, KardiaChain’s native token KAI has experienced a 180.6% price pump. By fostering partnerships and more partnerships in pipeline, the project has been gaining good traction.

Flexibility rendered by ADAPP helped KardiaChain grab partnerships with Vietnamese National TV. In April, they successfully launched new blockchain features in their sports App – ON Sports. This App uses KAI tokens for settling on-chain transactions on “ON Sports”.

In August, SpeBid, the Japanese Proxy Shopping Service has also started accepting KAI as a form of payment for their goods and services. Furthermore, KardiaChain has partnered with Ankr recently. Ankr’s proprietary infrastructure will be used to host KardiaChain’s decentralized cross-chain exchange.

On August 21, Vuong Duy Bien, Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism joined the KardiaChain Advisory Board.

But the biggest partnership till date is the $KAI integration into Mai Linh Corporation’s new EPOS system. Mai Linh has launched thousands of contactless multi-utility Green Cards.  These cards are integrated with NFC technology (Near-Field Communications) and QR Code. It enables Mai Linh taxi customers to effortlessly pay, top-up, and check transactions. KAI Green Card integration is set to officially roll out in September 2020.

We have some due diligence on Kardiachain and seems they have very good connections and the possibility for serious growth in the interoperability in the Vietnamese and South East Asian Markets.

4. $EFX

Category – Artificial intelligence is actually a pretty perfect project and use case for blockchain with great token utility. It was developed with an aim to decentralize AI development which means AI development becomes accessible and affordable to everyone.

With Effect Network, the project team has been able to build an inclusive network of AI-related dApps. It incentivizes participation and collaboration in AI development. Furthermore, the network comprises of Smart Contracts like EFX token, a staking and governance model, and several user directories. Capabilities

 The three initial dApp that are being built are Effect Force, Effect Smart Market, and Effect Power. Most importantly, already has a working platform that is seeing actual use and adoption. The platform has over 2000 users where remote workers perform AI tasks for enterprises.

We recently saw the news of their partnership with Akon and looking slightly deeper into what they were doing, left us presently surprised.

But Before we get into details about, we want to discuss a downfall. The project is on EOS blockchain and that in our opinion is holding the project back. For this reason, it seems the project is yet to get listed on most of the exchanges. And they definitely cannot enjoy the abundant liquidity of Uniswap and other DEXs. Well, this presents an opportunity for us to get in early. There are rumors that they are working to solve this problem and in case it is not solved we think this could be driven by sheer use case. Also, they have very little focus on marketing, which does make us frown but this is an easy fix.

Here is what Chris Dawe, CEO has to say about this interesting project:

Market-cap (Aug 27, 2020) – $9,712,906
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 27, 2020) – #357
Development activity ranking – #485 Capabilities

So, what does really do? Well, this is a complicated one. For anyone who is not very well versed with Artificial intelligence technology trying to understand their website and white paper will take some time. But don’t worry, we spent two days to figure to understand this and will try to explain in the simplest way possible.

Artificial intelligence for enterprises requires data points to be tagged and other such multiple tasks in huge quantities need to be performed. These tasks lead to the data that is used to feed the corporation’s systems to make it more intelligent.

This tagging of data can be done both by humans or by algorithmic bots. When it comes to data from text and images the algorithms are sophisticated for tagging but for video and audio data, it has to be done by humans.

These tasks are very costly and sometimes require very diverse expertise thus even large enterprises cannot afford to get this done. provides algorithms for the tasks and also provides a decentralized system for people to be able to do these tasks. It also includes a system of various layers of questions and answers for getting the most accurate results.

However, this is very scalable and in this time of economic crisis and people losing jobs provides for people working from a home a possibility to earn and use their skills.

The corporations pay them in dollars obviously and a majority of which goes into buying back from the market to pay the workers for the tasks making it a daily cyclical economy. is a revenue-generating company and is working with the UN, ING, KPMG and now AKON for either as clients or partnering for opening hubs to allow people to get tasks and earn.

In the last 30 days the EFX, the native token is up by 319%.

Major Updates for is launching Effect DAO Phase 0 and excitement around it is building. The most important feature of Effect DAO Phase 0 is the Effect Proposal System and its voting mechanism.

To wrap

In spite of the market pullback, these low market-cap projects continued to pump. From our research, it’s pretty evident that the price action was clearly driven by development activities, partnerships, and market acquisitions.

Some of these projects have quickly risen to fame and have by now have gained impressive community following. But the most important fact is that these projects propose a real-world use case and are primed to acquire larger market caps pretty soon.

The article has been co-authored by Shash and Frank.


The information discussed by Altcoin Buzz is not financial advice. This is for educational and informational purposes only. Any information or strategies are thoughts and opinions relevant to accepted levels of risk tolerance of the writer/reviewers and their risk tolerance may be different than yours. We are not responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of any investments directly or indirectly related to the information provided.

Do your own due diligence and rating before making any investments and consult your financial advisor. The researched information presented we believe to be correct and accurate however there is no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness, completeness. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.


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