Over the last three years, we’ve seen several blockchain gaming projects incorporate NFT assets and mechanics into their structures. These NFT gaming projects are providing players with an opportunity to earn assets with real-world value.

In this case, Banksters, a new gaming project in its Beta phase, is adding a new twist to the gaming sector. It has the potential to completely change the gaming and trading industries. So, if you’re looking for a project within the gaming sector with the potential to blossom, then Banksters is one of your best bets. Let’s dive into this project.
What is Banksters?

Banksters is an NFT-based play-and-earn game that focuses on investments and crypto mining. So, trading enthusiasts can make their way to Web3 gaming by playing Banksters.

So, this game has the potential to attract lots of interest since it doesn’t have a single audience. The best part of the game is that the players can influence the outcomes of their investments regardless of the market’s direction.
How Banksters Work?
Banksters is a player-versus-player (PvP) game where players can predict, control, and influence the market flow to earn rewards. The playable characters in the game are called “Banksters”. These are digitally customized avatars with special skills that vary depending on the character’s class. Here are other use cases:
Banksters review
Source: Whitepaper
Aside from the opportunities to earn, the game doesn’t deviate from the original idea and thrill of gaming, which is to compete. So, gamers can compete against their friends and other players to determine who is the best Bankster.
Who to play Banksters?
Anyone can play Banksters. However, it is the perfect game for people who want to learn about trading techniques and market trends. As mentioned earlier, the Bankster game is educational. The game allows players to learn about basic things such as:
  • Market psychology,
  • Risk management,
  • Technical analysis. They learn of these while having fun.
Furthermore, the knowledge gained from Banksters has real-world value. Players can apply them to real-life trading situations. This makes it almost like a gamified sibling of regular trading. These are the different kinds of Banksters:
Banksters review
Source: Whitepaper
Playing Bankster comes with several advantages:
  • It exposes you to market knowledge and improves you as a trader.
  • It is competitive. You get to have fun competing against your friends and other skilled players.
  • You could be a part of perhaps one of the next big things in blockchain.
Why Banksters different from Competitors?
Most people see blockchain games as a get-rich-quick scheme. So their sole interest and focus are on the price and value of a project’s token. This results in a situation where gamers show more interest in a project if the token has a high value. But, if the price is down based on market conditions, then the gamers exit and look for the next project. This is the model adopted by most NFT gaming projects, which is ineffective and not sustainable for long-term value. Players aren’t in it for the fun of gaming.
However, Banksters has a different approach. This system is sustainable and healthy for its long-term vision. It focuses on its community and innovation rather than its price. So, it unlocks new aspects of NFT gaming that are hardly used by any of its competitors.

Banksters separate the true value of the game from the price of its native token. So, players don’t need to worry about token volatility. Players ONLY have to focus on knowing the rules of the game and choosing wisely when to trade. This way, they remain profitable whether the token increases or decreases. Don’t forget that players influence, predict, and control the market in Banksters.
Banksters Team and Roadmap
Bankster is driven by a team experienced in trading, gaming, and NFTs. Banksters was created by Alex Altgausen, who is also the former co-founder of StormGain, a Crypto Trading Platform.
The entire team is well prepared to handle the difficulties and opportunities presented by the integration of gaming and trading. This is possible by their vast experience and successful track record.
On the other hand, Banksters has a clearly mapped-out roadmap. And so far, they have stayed on course to fulfill their projections. Here are some details about their Roadmap:
Banksters roadmap
Source: Whitepaper

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