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At the time of writing this article, according to DappRadar, the Top 5 P2E games have accumulated $13.43 million in the last 7 days. The crypto gaming sector is developing by leaps and bounds, creating very strong communities around it.

One of them is Crazy Defense Heroes. This P2E game is compatible with Ethereum and Polygon blockchains that have gathered 146,000 players in the last 7 days. Therefore, in this article, you will discover why the app of this free-to-play game has more than 2 million downloads.

What is Crazy Defense Heroes?

Crazy Defense Heroes is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn game that mixes RPG features, card collectibles, and multiplayer mode. This game was developed by Animoca Brands, a leading company in the gaming sector. You can play it on Android or iOS.

Crazy Defense Heroes Review

Source: Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is the game for strategy lovers. You need to defend your kingdom from evil enemies, take command of heroes and lead your army to win the ambush.

This game is a tower defense game based on collectible cards of various rarities and powers. As a result, players get their native token, TOWER, as a reward. Also, crazy defense heroes are part of a franchise called “Crazy Kings” that will introduce a new P2E game for PC. Moreover, this new P2E game will allow:

  • Earn NFTs of the “Crazy Kings” franchise.
  • Earn TOWER tokens by playing the game.
TOWER Token, The Key to Enter The Crazy Kings Universe

Crazy Kings decided that the TOWER token will be the tokenomic center of their universe, which have the following use cases:

  • NFTs: Users can buy Crazy Kings-related NFTs using TOWER.
  • Ticket Events: Exclusive access to certain game modes.
  • Governance: TOWER holders can vote in proposals that will decide the future of the franchise.

Nowadays, anyone can buy TOWER tokens by two options:

On the other hand, you will need to create a “user ID” in the App to play it. Therefore, if you want to see your token balance, you can see it on the website by connecting your “user ID

Card Chests, The Mysterious Boxes of Crazy Defense Heroes

On the other hand, there are three kinds of Chests that provide random NFT collectible cards. Therefore, each level contains 3 cards from common to legendary status:

  • Gold:
    • Card 1: Common (20%), Rare (35%), Epic (45%) and Legendary (0%).
    • Second card: Common (10%), Rare (15%), Epic (45%) and Legendary (30%).
    • Card 3: Common (0%), Rare (12%), Epic (40%) and Legendary (48%).
  • Silver:
    • First card: Common (60%), Rare (40%), Epic (0%) and Legendary (0%).
    • Second card: Common (40%), Rare (46%), Epic (14%) and Legendary (0%).
    • Third card: Common (0%), Rare (38%), Epic (52%) and Legendary (10%).
  • Bronce:
    • Card 1: Common (90%), Rare (10%), Epic (0%) and Legendary (0%).
    • Card 2: Common (60%), Rare (36%), Epic (4%) and Legendary (0%).
    • Third Card: Common (60%), Rare (36%), Epic (4%) and Legendary (0%).

Also, at the time of writing this article, there is any TOWER chest available. Keep tuned to the latest related news on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Latest Developments About Crazy Defense Heroes

Finally, the game has developed a P2E reward pool with 1.8 million TOWER tokens for March and April 2022. This means that the more XP you gain playing the game, the more TOWER tokens you can earn. More information here.

Also, users can bridge TOWER NFT chests from Ethereum to Polygon. This will drastically reduce the gas fees of opening or sending the chest to other users. More information here. Moreover, users can bridge TOWER tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and BNB Chain.

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