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Hey everyone it’s Cryptomoonie here and I’m writing for Altcoin Buzz! This is part of the Community Speaks initiative and today we will look at the Banyan Network.

As Q4 nears in the crypto cycle, many are expecting a bull run. Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption is growing at a remarkable pace and so we may experience an even bigger bull run than before. But will it happen this Q4? No one knows, but what I do know is that BBN, the token for the Banyan Network, can be one of the biggest gainers.

What is the Banyan Network?

The Banyan Network is a data value based network on the blockchain and it’s revolutionizing the big data industry with its DVN and blockchain technology. It’s token, BBN, has real world use case, low market cap, and many top exchanges providing liquidity to traders.

Right now the big data industry has many problems, like security/privacy issues, credibility, traceability, scattered and unregulated chunks of data. The Banyan Network collects data from data sources and puts it through a rigorous process of cleansing, tagging, fusion, and provides it to customers in the real world. More than 8 data sources have been imported into the DVN. A remarkable achievement by the team at the company.

The Banyan Networks revolutionary product and technology that performs the tasks above is “The Data Fusion Value Chain Network” also known as the DVN.

To better understand what the DVN does with the data collected, I’ll explain it with this little imaginary situation.

Think of it like this; take a look at your hamper of dirty clothes in your room. Every shirt, pants , underwear, sock is a piece of data and it’s all scrambled. Now the Banyan Network’s DVN is the washing machine but it’s a revolutionary washing machine because it also folds your clothes after it cleans it! Nice piles of clothing that you can easily pick up and use as you wish. Companies use the newly fixed and cleansed data for marketing purpose. This allows companies to precisely target an audience that they want to market to.

Customers use the Banyan Network token to pay for the services. This way the BBN token actually has utility. At the same time you as a user can earn BBN by providing data to the network.

David Zhou the CEO knows the importance of liquidity and so he’s been able to land BBN on big exchanges like Coinsuper, Eth/Bitfinex, Bibox, and Coinbene. Customers purchase BBN from one of these sites and purchase Banyan Network services with their new tokens. Utility at it’s finest.

And that’s the Banyan Network folks. A company leveraging the problems of the big data industry with the revolutionary technology behind their DVN and the blockchain. A hidden gem among the 1600 plus coins/tokens on coin market cap.

To learn more please visit or follow on twitter @banyan_network. I’m cryptomoonie and this has been a segment of Altcoin Buzz Community Speaks

This article was brought to you by a member of our Community Speaks team. The Community Speaks team is made up of members of different project communities who want to make their voice heard in the Altcoin Buzz community. If you are interested in becoming part of our Community Speaks team please contact @Garrett59 on telegram.


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