10 Lessons for the Next Crypto Bull Run

With a crypto bull run around the corner, you want to be ready for it. However, you need to have all your ducks lined up if you want to be successful.

That’s why it’s time to get organized. This is Part 1 of a two-part series. So, we have a list of 10 lessons to help you prepare for the next crypto bull run.

1) New Coins Perform Better

There are a few reasons why new coins perform better. For example:

  • There are no bag-holders underwater from the last cycle who are looking for an exit
  • They can have more explosive pumps because their circulating supply is smaller.
  • New projects most likely are a better version of their predecessors.

Some older projects may still do well. In general, altcoins only perform well during one bull run. So, have some dry powder so you can join new projects. They tend to outperform the older projects.

2) Focus on Strong Projects

Don’t get stuck on projects that haven’t pumped yet and are lagging. This applies more to short-term traders instead of long-term investors. If a token hasn’t been pumped yet, for the short term, it may be best to look for another token.

To keep holding lagging tokens may cost you. Strong tokens are more likely to give you positive gains. There’s a reason they’re strong, so they’re most likely pumping.

3) Cultivate Your Social Media

The information stream on social media is immense. YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram are also free. Make sure to concentrate on the good information. If you’re serious about your crypto journey, reduce your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok time. Instead, organize your subscriptions, lists, channels, or chats.

It may be worthwhile creating dedicated accounts for this purpose. Start a set of new accounts and add projects that you like or follow. Make sure to DYOR each project. It doesn’t matter what influencers say. You need to believe in a crypto project that you researched yourself.

4) Change Your Life When the Time Is Right

This means that you shouldn’t keep sitting on life-changing bags during a bull run. Don’t be afraid to take profits on the way up. You can’t time the top, so don’t fuss about missing it. Remember, the profits may be life-changing. If you wait too long for that extra gain, you may run it into the ground, and you’re left empty-handed.

It’s important to have a good profit-taking strategy. For each step up in gains, you can take out a fixed percentage of profit, each time. Make a plan and stick to your plan. Don’t look back after the bull run at your unrealized gains.

5) Your Health Is Everything

Make sure to stay focused and healthy. A crypto bull run can drain your energy. It can affect your focus and make you apprehensive. Take care of your diet, make sure you get enough sleep, and if possible, work out. This will benefit your productivity.


With the crypto bull run warming up, you want to be ready to tackle it and get the most out of it. So, here are 10 lessons and tips to stay focused and have the best opportunity to maximize gains. This article was inspired by this post on X.


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