Swyftx - Highest Liquidity and the Best Customer-Rated Exchange in Australia

Swyftx is the progressive Aussie cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on liquidity, customer service, and lower fees.

“Join the cryptocurrency exchange that gives a ****!”

We all know that Aussies tell it like it is and have a hell of a nose for detecting bull****. Swyftx could represent the archetypal Aussie in that respect, and its endeavor to give its customers a no-nonsense experience certainly bears this out.

Swyftx features

Way better spreads than the competition

Fees are one of the ways exchanges make money, and it is always good to consult the rate in any particular exchange before buying. However, you also need to take into account deposit and withdrawal fees and also something else that may not readily occur to the average person.

The “spread” is the difference in price between the bid and ask prices (or the gap between what the buyer is bidding at and what the seller is asking). The wider the gap, the more a buyer is going to have to pay, and this is commonly not mentioned by crypto exchanges and is often a “hidden” fee that adds to what the buyer is paying.

On top of this, some exchanges will even artificially rig the spread, making it wider, in order to increase their profits, much to the detriment of their customers.

Swyftx have their customers’ best interests at heart and with the amount of liquidity they have at their disposal, and their optimized trading algorithms, they are able to keep spreads to an absolute minimum.

Swyftx trading fees.

Swyftx trading fees are 0.6%, and there is a discount applied on higher volumes. There is a $0 charge for deposits and withdrawals in fiat, and a $2 fee for transfers less than $200. For crypto deposits and withdrawals, there is no Swyftx fee, but standard network fees apply.

A slick and easy trading experience

Verifying your account in order to get started with Swyftx is as simple as supplying an email, a mobile number, and an ID document number. With no need to upload scans or selfies, the whole process should take less than two minutes.

You can deposit and withdraw $AUD via PayID, OSKO, Bank Transfer, and POLi. Once you are up and running, you are then able to trade a smorgasbord of around 179 crypto assets against fiat pairs.

Once you are ready to start trading, Swyftx provides tools that simplify things for novice traders but, at the same time, enrich the experience for more seasoned traders.

“Demo mode” enables users to practice their trading skills in a safe sandbox environment where the liquidity and market depth found in the real world is replicated. Charts are available on the exchange for each asset, which can inform traders before making their move. With TradingView providing these charts, you know that you will have the best possible indicators and data on which to base your trades.

When you make your trade, Swyftx searches across many other exchanges and their order books, looking for those exchanges with the most liquidity. It then splits the order across these exchanges, which ensures the best market rate, the lowest spreads, and the least slippage — all guaranteed to find you the best possible price.

“Take the Swyftx experience with you everywhere”

Finally, continuing on the theme of making things easy, users can just choose the device platform they feel comfortable with; whether that be android or IOS, laptop, or iPad. Swyftx also enables users to generate and download complete tax returns in $AUS for all accounting requirements.

Swyftx reviews

Excellent customer service

TrustPilot is probably the most trusted and used review site by consumers. If you are looking at trusting a new business with your hard-earned cash, then this site should help to give you a real feel for how it is performing.

Looking at what consumers on TrustPilot have to say about Swyftx, we see the following: “Easy to use,” “Friendly and helpful,” “Smooth experience,” and “Quick response.” The overall rating for Swyftx, at time of writing, from 637 reviews is 4.9/5, rated: “Excellent.”

An average response time of three minutes on the “chat” feature on the Swyftx site could be termed as fairly fast. Also, if you wanted to actually speak to someone by phone, then you can just leave your details for someone to call you back.


Within the crypto space, Swyftx is a home-grown exchange that Australia can be proud of. With the present situation of Covid-19 lockdowns, a badly damaged economy, and a real estate collapse, it is great to report such good news in this cutting edge space.

With the highest trading liquidity and best customer support, Swyftx has become the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, Now that it is very well established and successful here, it is looking to spread that success further afield — first to New Zealand and then on to Europe.

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