How to Use Arkham to Get On-chain Analytics

Access to on-chain analytics tools can give you a head start. For example, you may be able to find an x100 token. Also, it allows you to set up and develop strategies. The new kid on the block in this playing field is Arkham.

So, in this article, we take a closer look at how you can get on-chain analytics with Arkham.

What Is Arkham?

Arkham is trying to deanonymize the blockchain. In other words, they provide insight into on-chain activity. For example, they can add a name to a wallet. This goes against another current trend, which is to add more on-chain privacy. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise, that there’s also some criticism of Arkham’s activities.

On the other hand, Arkham opens up an intriguing peek into the activities of various wallets. For instance, whale wallets and their activities. For this, they use, among others, unique techniques and algorithms. Platform users also play a big role. They can add information when they manage to uncover wallet identities. These private on-chain sleuths can sell their information on the platforms’ marketplace. However, their identity remains undisclosed. Currently, their app is still in beta and there’s a waitlist.

How to Use the Arkham to Track Crypto Portfolios

Before you can use the Arkham analysis tool, you need to join their beta platform. As already mentioned, you will first need to join their waitlist. But assuming you have access to their beta version, here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • You will receive an email once they grant you access.
  • Setting up your account is straightforward. You only have to follow the prompts.
  • After you log in, there’s a short tutorial waiting for you. This tutorial explains the various features. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these.
  • As an optional feature, you can add personal information. For instance, your wallet address or exchange accounts.
  • It’s easy to change or add information at a later stage.

Once you link your three potential wallet options, the platform tracks your portfolio. These wallet options are exchanges, ETH addresses, and your non-custodial wallet. The display page offers four sections. So, this allows you to track your own portfolio. For instance,

  • Your general portfolio – This tracks all your holdings and displays them in USD
  • Balances History – In USD, it gives an overview over time.
  • All Accounts – This tracks all your wallets. However, you can switch between them and see detailed information.
  • Transactions – A list of all ERC-20 token wallet transactions.
How to Use Arkham to Track Other Wallets

You can also use the Arkham analysis tool to find information about other wallets. The only thing you need is an address or an ENS name. Now you can start looking into, for example, individuals, like influencers. Furthermore, you can also find information on organizations.

Once you have a wallet address that you like to look into, you need to start using the filter tool. This tool allows you to set parameters. For example:

  • Time.
  • Token type or amount.
  • Party or counterparty.
  • USD value.

In the Transaction section, you can find some of these filters. For instance, red arrows point to three dashed lines. Once you use one of these filters, the arrow turns green.

Furthermore, the Dashboard allows you to personalize the information. It uses widgets that you can customize. Arkham also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence). The team developed their own AI engine, which goes by the name of ULTRA. This machine can algorithmically match addresses with real-world entities. Arkham’s core contributors developed this over 3 years. Some backers founded Palantir and OpenAI. You can use three different pages to conduct your research.

  1. Entity Pages – Here you can see, among others:
  • Current and historical portfolio holdings.
  • Performance history.
  • Top counterparties.
  • Exchange usage.
  • Transactions.

    2. Token Pages
    – With this tool, you can do your DYOR. For example, you can see top holders and exchange flows. You can also sort and filter transactions.
    3. Visualizer – This translates the deanonymized blockchain data into clear network maps. As a result, you can understand relationships and track the flow of funds.


Source: Arkham app


We looked into Arkham’s analysis tool and how to use it. In contrast to many data analysis platforms, Arkham is free to use. It gets even better, when you, as a user, can deliver information about wallets. In this case, you can earn rewards. Currently, Arkham is a popular tool to use, but it’s still in beta. 

The project only released its token recently. The current ARKM price is $0.7358. CoinGecko only listed this token 2 days ago, at the time of writing, 18 July 2023.  There’s a 1 billion max and total supply of ARKM. However, there is currently no data available on the market cap or circulating supply.

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