DAO Price Prediction

DAO Maker has re-created Venture Capital investment for masses. The power to invest in projects at an early stage is no longer with the capitalists.

DAO Maker provides a platform for projects to secure funding. This funding is not provided by just the wealthy individual. DAO Maker provides power to the normal retail investors to invest in projects at an early stage in seed rounds. If you have as low as $50, you can still be a VC. This liberation and freedom to the small investor will soon start reflecting in DAO Price.

DAO Maker has managed to raise fund as stated below

DAO Stats


Token Utilities

All support products by DAO Maker incorporate the DAO token in their fee structure. This includes dTeams, Social Mining, YieldShield, and Staking 2.0. The reward pool is funded on a monthly basis. Stakers vote on funding applicants and reward pool purchases. DAO Token holders receive platform priority, enjoy a tiered cashback system, and more.

DAO Utility

Social Mining

Social Mining allows companies to categorize acquired holders, and to further vet, train, and deploy these users as skilled contributors to the ecosystem. This allows community efforts to be automated, while simultaneously placing the community in the driving seat

Staking 2.0 and Yield Shield

A permissionless toolkit that allows tokenized startups to monitor and grow the secondary market involvement of their users. It is powered by our chain analysis tools, with the addition of new resources that make participation in liquidity mining safer and free of smart contract risk.


dTeams is Social Mining on Steroids. A direct plug in for companies yearning for rapid progress. It streamlines influx of contributions through a range of different applications and instruments at the users disposal. dTeams resembles the ideal infrastructure boost and allows easy monitoring through it’s universally applicable CRM approach

Projects on DAO Maker

Some of the projects that raised funds via DAO Maker are as mentioned below:

Road Map


Now let us review DAO Price

DAO/USD – Price Prediction


DAO is currently trading close to the resistance zone of $4.70. If it can break this resistance and close a few 4 hourly candles above this zone, we could start seeing a quick move towards $4.86, $5.12, $5.45, $6.41, $7.97, $9.52 and $10.48. Failure to break the resistance could lead to further accumulation and drop towards the lower support zones at $4.32 and $3.91 before continuing further.

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