Why Are These 3 New Memecoins Viral Now?

Memecoins have been making the rounds for a few years in the crypto space. DOGE is the first memecoin. It’s been around since 2013. DOGE is also top 10 by market cap coin. Thanks to Elon Musk. Another memecoin, Shiba Inu, takes spot 15 on that chart. 

But, we look at some other meme coins. The newest on the block and why they are popular. So, let’s take a look.

1) Crypto X (CX)

Crypto X rises from the ashes of Twitter. Since Elon Musk rebranded Twitter to ‘X’, a memecoin was never far away. And Crypto X most certainly didn’t let us down. The CoinMarketCap description of Crypto X tells us this: “The groovy and revamped version of Crypto Twitter (CT)!” They also mention that the token took its inspiration from the Twitter rebrand to X.

So, as we know, Elon Musk can catapult a crypto token into overdrive. He only needs to mention it on Twitter/X, and the price surges. Now imagine, there’s a complete rebranding of Twitter to ‘X’? Every cryptocurrency that has an X in its ticker, will go off the charts. That’s precisely what happened to Crypto X and its CX token.

It may also come as no surprise that CX peaked shortly after its launch, However, it also dumped fast. The current CX price is $0.000000260323. That’s even below its listing price on CoinGecko. They only listed this memecoin since 27th July. There’s no information on the market cap available. The same goes for the circulating token supply. However, the max and total supply is 1 billion CX tokens.

So, take this as a warning! Memecoins are very volatile. It’s best to tread very carefully in case you want to invest in any memecoin.

2) Coco Bets (COCO)

Coco Bets is the team behind the COCO memecoin. This token only launched on 28th July 2023. In other words, this bun has only just left the oven. A day later, it immediately peaked at a current ATH. Ever since, it has also dropped a bit. However, in contrast to the CX token, it’s still above its listing price. The current COCO token price is $0.0767. But CoinGecko has no information about its market cap or circulating supply. However, the total supply is 100 million COCO tokens.

Coco Bets is in the Gamble-Fi market. In other words, it’s a crypto casino-style website or project. It got its inspiration from the Mylady NFT project. Besides Mylady slot machines, it also offers Pepe-themed slots. Furthermore, it offers, for example,

  • American roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Slots 3D
  • Multiplayer Blackjack
  • Multiplayer roulette.

Coco Bets advertises all the games as being provably fair. You only need to deposit ETH into the platform, and you’re set to go and play. Within 48 hours after the token launch, they offered a Telegram Bot version of their gambling app. Sports betting may also be on the way.

Gambling is big in real life. We see the same trend evolving in crypto. Coco Bets took full advantage of this by launching a memecoin. The picture below shows some games on Coco Bets.

3) DinoLFG (DINO)

DinoLFG has already been on the meme coins scene for over 9 months. It started out with a $30k market cap. However, now it’s only a tad bit below a $6 million market cap. The current DINO price is $0.02021. There is a 333 million max and total supply of DINO tokens. But there are also already 312 million tokens in circulation. 

DinoLFG wants to create a utility for its DINO token. This is in total contrast to your typical memecoins. For this, it intends to use gamifying. Currently, DinoLFG has 4 key products in place. For example,

  • Dinoverter  – A swap protocol. See the picture below.
  • Dinostake – A staking portal
  • Dino NFT – A NFT collection
  • Shop with Dino 

Their current campaign is about hatching NFT eggs. If you manage to hatch a DINOsaur, you win at least 50,000 DINO. So, with a different angle, DinoLFG wants to capture the memecoins market attention. Initially, they managed very well. In May, their DINO token reached its ATH of $0.162465. However, ever since, it started a slow decline. Currently, it’s 88% down from the ATH. So, once more, another sample of how volatile memecoins are.


This article provides an insight into three popular and new memecoins. So, we looked at Crypto X (CX), Coco Bets (COCO), and DinoLFG (DINO). Crypto X is riding the rebranding of Twitter to ‘X’ wave. The other two memecoins look into the gamifying space.

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