Do you get annoyed when you have to leave your game to sign in to your wallet or make a transaction? It happens a lot, especially in Web3 gaming. It would be much better if gamers could handle transactions without stopping their games, right? 

Well, there’s good news—a new technology called account abstraction is changing that. In this article, we’ll explain what account abstraction is and how it helps gamers. Plus, we’ll show you a wallet that supports this feature and how to get it.

Account abstraction (AA) is like customizing a smart contract account to make it easier for users to do things on the blockchain. You can change stuff like how users pay fees and how transactions get approved. This makes it simpler for people to use the blockchain.

Let’s break down account abstraction by looking at two main types of Ethereum accounts:

External Owned Accounts (EOA): These are like regular accounts you create with a wallet such as MetaMask. They have a private key that you keep to yourself and a public address that others can see. With EOAs, the person who has the key (the signer) is also the one who controls the account. But this can be risky. If you lose your private key, you lose access to your account. EOAs can be hard to keep safe and get back if something goes wrong.

Smart Contract Accounts: These are like apps that can do things automatically on the blockchain. They don’t have a private key like EOAs do. 

How does it work?

So, account abstraction takes regular blockchain accounts (EOAs) and upgrades them into smart contracts. This means they get their own set of rules for deciding what counts as a valid transaction. It’s like giving your account a brain of its own!

One awesome thing about account abstraction is that it separates the person who signs transactions from the actual account. This opens up a bunch of new possibilities for how you can use your account. Plus, it makes interactions smoother and boosts security, which is always a win for us users!

Think about it this way: with account abstraction, you’re not just stuck with the old ways of doing things on the blockchain. It’s like unlocking a whole new level of flexibility and user experience. Plus, it tackles some pesky problems like making blockchain projects easier to scale up and bringing in new users.

Why does all this matter? Well, traditional blockchain accounts have their own issues. They can be targets for hackers, and they’re not always user-friendly. But with account abstraction, we’re looking at a brighter future where security is beefed up and using the blockchain feels like a breeze.

Practical use of Account Abstraction

Account abstraction is still pretty new. But it’s already being used in a couple of areas.

  1. Social recovery: Ever worry about losing your private keys and getting locked out of your account? Well, account abstraction has your back! It lets you set up a group of friends or family as your “rescue team.” If you lose your keys, just call them for help getting back into your account.
  2. Multi-signature wallets: Imagine a wallet where you and your buddies can all pitch in to control the money—that’s what multi-signature wallets are all about! It’s handy for businesses or groups that need to manage funds together.

Several industries have adopted AA. We are talking

  • Governments
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Identity management
  • Supply chain management
Account Abstraction for Gamers Using xRaise Wallet

Gamers are undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries of AA. Leaving your game to sign into a different wallet is pretty frustrating. It disrupts the flow of the game and kills the fun. But AA streamlines this process for gamers. 

We recently covered a new wallet that perfectly uses AA to achieve this. The xRaise wallet. xRaise uses AA to make gaming more fun for users. Say goodbye to the MetaMask pop-up while gaming. 

xRaise is a zkSync wallet specifically designed for gamers. Interestingly, it also supports a WalletConnect feature. This allows you to use the wallet in any zkSync ecosystem dApp. 

xRaise uses all the features of AA to make gaming and account management better. The process is pretty simple. So, you can use a “session key” to approve the game-related transactions once in advance. This way, you can play your game without annoying interruptions.

Buying or selling your in-game assets is also straightforward. xRaise allows you to do this with a few clicks within the game. xRaise also supports social recovery. So, wave goodbye to the fear of losing your assets. The best part? xRaise is easier to use than MetaMask.

The numbers on this wallet are super amazing. It facilitates over 30,000 gaming transactions in a week. We covered it in detail in two separate articles. You can read them here and here

Account abstraction is still the new kid in town. But it’s catching on fast. Wallets like xRaise are no doubt the future of Web3 gaming. 

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