Next-Gen Crypto Wallet: A Must-Have for Gamers

When you win a gold reward playing Tomb Raider, do you know what you DON’T have to do? Interrupt your game and sign for it. Yet we’ve accepted this as part of web3 gaming.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a new wallet out there for gamers where you can manage payments all while playing. You don’t need to be signing and confirming 87 small transactions while you play. Want to learn more? Then let’s learn about the xRaise Wallet.

Web3 Gaming with Metamask

Gaming with Metamask wallets sucks. Let’s be real. One of the worst parts of blockchain gaming is you are playing and having fun, your quest is going smoothly, and then you need to access something. Then EVERYTHING in the game is interrupted for your Metamask browser popup to view, sign, and confirm the transaction. It sucks.

And while Rabby is a better and more secure wallet, it’s not much better for this particular use case. There has to be a better way, right? Well, there is. Let me introduce you to xRaise.

xRaise: The zkSync Web3 Gaming Wallet Revolution

xRaise is a zkSync wallet built for gaming. It is a smart contract and gaming wallet built with the user in mind. And while it was first built for gamers, there is a WalletConnect integration available. So that means you can use the wallet in any zkSync ecosystem dApp. Not only just for games.

The beta testing for their mainnet started only a couple of weeks ago. You can see that here from zkSync’s own Twitter account. We’ve talked about Account Abstraction before. You know it can make using a wallet easier and safer. You can interact with a smart contract without needing to manage your private keys. Plus, it’s safer than a standard “external account” interacting with a smart contract.

You get increased flexibility and safety. And it’s amazing for gamers. zkSync already provides native Account Abstraction. But for gamers, that interruption of your browser wallet taking up 30% of your screen and forcing you to stop playing goes away. FOREVER.

Session Keys

xRaise calls it Session Keys. And with a session key, you approve the game-related transactions once in advance. Then you can play your entire session without wallet-based interruptions. You can easily buy, sell, or trade your in-game assets with a couple of clicks of the button within the game. You can even use the AA to onboard and set up your gaming wallet only with your email address.

But here’s the really important part. It doesn’t make setting up or using your xRaise gaming wallet more difficult. It makes it easier. You get all this convenience and it’s safer than Metamask, too. There’s even a social recovery system for recovering your wallet too.

As I said earlier, you can use this wallet with any zkSync ecosystem app. So that means you will be able to use for DeFi or Decentralized Social or other great dApps, too. But the wallet is made with gamers in mind. xRaise facilitated over 30,000 gaming transactions just in the last week. It’s catching on fast.

We are going to hit on a couple of other big features of this wallet that help gamers game how they want in a second. What wallet is your favorite to use when you play games? Let us know in the comments.

Some Other Great Features About xRaise
  • Paymaster

A Paymaster is a common term in conventional, legacy finance. It’s a person that pays people. But in the Web2 world where we have to trust big entities that we do NOT trust, paymasters are important. For example, escrow companies are paymasters. They ensure assets or asset titles are sent and received and then payments are made for that asset.

The xRaise Wallet has a Paymaster feature. Unlike in legacy markets where you have to trust someone else, the Paymaster feature here means flexibility for you. You can pay the gas fees with whatever token you have available. Not only the network token.

But for gamers, this is invaluable. With the paymaster feature, you can pay gas while you are playing in ANY compatible token meaning stablecoins or whatever you have. You don’t have to stop playing to reload a gas token if you don’t want to. Instead, you can use USDC or USDT if that’s what you have.

This is a big convenience for gamers in particular but also for everyone who uses this wallet.

  • Auto Transfer

And lastly, we have auto-transfer. You can set up and pre-program payments for subscriptions or even in-game expenses. You can also pre-program payments like payroll again if used for Treasury management. But again, the payment is assigned and made without you having to stop playing to do it. It integrates with Unity Games and Unreal Engine-based games, too.

Gamers love these benefits from using the xRaise wallet. More than 5000 of you have signed up to try the beta wallet already. Join the 5000+ people who have already requested access to try this wallet for some of their favorite games. Go to this link and click on Request Access today.


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