Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) gaming guild.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Astra Guild Ventures AMA session on our Telegram channel with Clarry Herrera, the CMO of Astra Guild Ventures. Besides, the AMA took place on December 13th, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Clarry Herrera to understand what the project is about. The AMA was also in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Astra Guild Ventures

Background Information
Q – To start with, tell us about your company. How was the concept of AGV created?

Astra Guild Ventures or AGV is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects. We basically aim to connect investors to play-to-earn players to maximize yield on NFT assets. Our mission is to build a global community of tech leaders, investors, enthusiasts, and p2e players.

AGV was first built to help speed up the adoption of blockchain tech and play-to-earn gaming. But more importantly, to provide an alternative source of income during the pandemic in the Philippines, where most of the team were based, through Axie Infinity scholarships.

Glad to hear this and I hope after this, your community will get to know our project better.

Q – Tell us a bit about your team. How many people do you have?

Currently, we have 51k+ guild members in Discord and a growing community of 150k+ across Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The core team is 20+ individuals. Our CEO, Azazel has been in the blockchain space since 2017. He has won Binance’s Top Trader of the Week in FEB 2021 with $2.4M PNL and outperformed 99.97% of Binance users with 2.5B USDT Trading Volume as of Sept 2021.

Our CIO, Kenn, has been trading crypto since 2017 and has grown numerous successful companies across Southeast Asia.

Our CTO, Alvin, is one of the pioneers of cybersecurity and blockchain tech in the Philippines.

While, for me, I’ve been a crypto-enthusiast since 2017 and had my own digital agency prior to joining AGV.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

About the project
Q – AGV is a guild. ‘Guild’ is a new trend that we are seeing in the market. As a guild, how does AGV function (i.e. the Operating Model)?

AGV procures NFT assets from play-to-earn games, that are otherwise unaffordable for some, and lends it out to guild members/players in exchange for a portion of their earnings. We recruit, train, and provide guidance/incentives to recruited players/guild members.

Our long-term goal is to create a complete ecosystem that’ll help speed up the adoption of NFTs and play-to-earn gaming through our community and line up of platforms.

Q – AGV has 2035 Teams holding different assets. Are these scholar teams?

Yes. Currently, we have 2,035 Axie Infinity teams and each of these teams is assigned to a scholar. You can check and verify all assets through our publicly-available list.

Q – So you have scholars and under them there are teams. How can a scholar enlist in AGV? How are the team members recruited?

We have a role system in our Discord community. Once you join our Discord community, you’ll be assigned the role of “Community Member”. If you are active in our community and have the desire to be a scholar, by filling out a form, you’ll be promoted to an “Aspiring Scholar” role. Once you have received that role, you’ll be given tasks and/or challenges and once you’ve completed these, you’ll be included in the priority list for scholarships.

Our scholars can also take up community roles like moderators, managers, etc. Each has its own system depending on its role’s promotion process.

Q – What about the team members who work with the scholars, is it the same process?

To clarify, you’re referring to “managers”, right? Yep, the “manager role” goes to scholars who have met the qualifications and tasks once a manager role opens up.

Q – How do you manage to build a system of trust with the scholars, is it via a platform?

Right now, everything is done within the Discord community. But we have introduced a number of automations and systems to make the hiring, training, and assessment of scholars more seamless.

But by 2022, we aim to have our own internal platform within the AGV website that’ll further improve our scholarship system.

More Information About the Project
Q – How does the revenue model work and how is the revenue distributed among various counterparts?

AGV earns by receiving a portion of the total earnings of our scholars from their rented assets. Actually, aside from NFT assets on P2E games, we have also invested in companies that create NFT games — e.g. on Blue Monster Games Inc. a Florida-based gaming studio that created Kart Racing League and who’ll be launching Realms of Ethernity soon (more info about this here).

Astra Guild Ventures AMA

Here’s a graphic illustration for reference. 20% of the earnings go back to the DAO, 20% to Community Managers, and 60% to players as shown in the deck photo above.

Q – Do the token holders get any revenue share? How do the token holders benefit?

AGV token is not a security token but a utility token, so to answer that, token holders won’t be able to share revenue.

Here are the current utilities of the AGV token:

  • Proposing and voting in the DAO Governance Board
  • Receiving rewards through various DAO activities and staking
  • Participating in DAO events and accessing exclusive content
  • Paying for services in the AGV network

However, we expect to add more to the utility of the token as we continue to develop a whole ecosystem of platforms for AGV — some are not actually included in our original roadmap. Eg. the AGV Launchpad – this was not in our roadmap but we have already developed and utilized this platform for our PRIVATE and PUBLIC sale as an alpha test.

By 2022, we expect to speed up the development with the goal of providing a truly accessible platform for new P2E games and even other blockchain projects to launch.

Q – I have the most important question to ask. You have a public sale going on. How is it progressing? Can you share more details?

Yep. Currently, our Public Sale is ongoing at the website and it’s actually selling out fast with a few thousand AGVs left. We’re about to close it in 3 days or as AGVs sell out.

Here’s a quick step-by-step video on how to participate:

Q – Interesting, and 1 token is priced at 20 cents, right?

Yep, $0.20 per AGV with the following vesting schedule:

20% distributed during TGE on DEC 23, 00:00UTC while remaining 80% is vested for 6 months equally starting JAN 31, 00:00 UTC.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

The five best questions were rewarded with USDT 500 each from this segment.

Q.Twitter – Speaking of AGV NFT. What is the utility of the NFT? Is it mandatory to mint it? (The NFT means the Card).

Clarry: The AGV NFT is like your key to the AGV Metaverse. You may or may not mint this but can still buy AGV tokens in our public sale anyways. However, if you’ll be able to mint the SPECIAL AGV NFT Card, then, AGV will buy it back from the minter for $10,000 through OpenSea.

Tweet for reference on the SPECIAL AGV NFT Card:

Ani: Okay, so if I mint via the platform, will I always get a SPECIAL card or is it chance?

Clarry: It is a rare card so it is only by chance.

Ani: Okay, what about the other cards, any use case of those?

Clarry: For now, it’ll be like your AGV badge. A symbol that you’re part of the AGV metaverse. AGV gives it to you free (just have to pay for ETH fee for minting). But over time, the AGV cards can hold value as the project and AGV ecosystem progress.

Q.Twitter – Can you list 1-3 great features of the project that set it ahead of its competitors? What competitive advantage does your platform have that you feel most confident in?

Here are some of the key features of AGV:

  • Earnings Dashboard – a page where all DAO members and even non-token holders can check the real-time earnings of the DAO’s NFT assets in P2E games.
  • Assets List – a publicly available page where everyone can verify all of the AGV assets in the blockchain.
  • AGV DAO Governance Board (under dev’t) – all token holders can vote and suggest decisions of the DAO.
  • The AGV staking platform (under dev’t).
  • AGV Launchpad – an accessible platform for new projects to launch that we’re currently developing; this is not part of our original roadmap but we have added after realizing the opportunity it could bring for the project.

We also plan to have our own DEX by Q4 2022 to Q1 2023. Currently, we have 2,035 Axie scholars and in a span of four months, we grew our community to 200k+ across FB, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

Competitive Advantage

Some of our competitive advantages:

  1. Transparency – fully discloses earnings through a real-time dashboard and publicly available assets list.
  2. Fast-moving team – in a few months we are able to raise funds, grow our community, launch our platform, and generate revenue.
  3. We’re a project with actual earnings and are ahead in our roadmap in a short amount of time.
  4. We don’t just invest in NFTs. We also invest in actual companies that develop P2E games. Recently, we’ve bought equity in a Florida-based gaming studio, Blue Monster Games, Inc. who are the creators of Kart Racing League
  5. We’re currently doing things that were not part of our original roadmap – e.g. the AGV Launchpad — we don’t promise things, we just deliver.
Q.Twitter – At Astra Guild Ventures, how is the community involved in decisions and investments are made, can you tell us a bit about who is a member of the approval panel, how investors are guaranteed that every vote made in the DAO is fair, transparent and free of manipulation?

As of this writing, the DAO governance board is still under development. Once it’s live, token holders can propose and vote decisions on the DAO. There, every token holder can have clear-cut access to the proposals and votes.

Currently, the core team manages the day-to-day activities of the DAO considering all insights from the guild members and community. We expect to have the DAO governance board live by Q1 of 2022.

Q.Telegram – From Tokenomics Astra Guild Ventures, there are three types of bonuses that you have scheduled to allocate to the community: 1.Scholarship quota bonuses, 2.Scholarship top bonuses, 3.E-sports competitor bonuses. Can you explain in detail about these bonuses? And also how can we participate in this bonus?
  1. Scholarship quota bonus: These are bonuses (can be in form of SLPs, AGVs, or any other digital currency and/or asset) given to AGV scholars who have reached their monthly thresholds in terms of earnings in p2e games.
  2. Scholarship top bonuses: Given to top-performing players — top performing in terms of farmed SLPs or any in-game currency for that matter.
  3. E-sports competitor bonuses: Given to AGV guild members who will participate in e-sports leagues and competitions.

If you are interested in these, please join our discord community and be part of our scholarship program or participate in e-sports leagues as a representative of AGV.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Clarry Herrera for participating in the Astra Guild Ventures AMA session on December 13th on our Telegram channel.

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