Blockchain meetups are becoming more and more popular. Most meetups aim to inform a wider audience. They are often inviting speakers with different opinions and ideas. Therefore, it is a great way for new as well as experienced blockchain enthusiast to learn more about new and exciting blockchain projects and blockchain technology in general. It is also an opportunity for the attendances to improve their networking, which is very important in the blockchain industry. On May 3rd-6th Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit takes place, which is mainly focusing on networking.

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit sets itself apart from other conferences by creating ‘heart-felt’ connections with Crypto Legends like John McAfee, Brock Pierce and other great Cryptocurrency and Blockchain individuals, including Shashwat Gupta from Altcoinbuzz. The conference will take place at the five-star Meydan Hotel. It is an immersive experience with a sunset cruise on a futuristic boat, desert rose party and you even get a chance to fly in an air balloon. By creating a relaxed, casual and informal atmosphere, the attendances get a unique opportunity to connect with other blockchain enthusiasts, but also well-known guys like John McAfee. The conference is also focusing on artificial intelligence-, virtual reality- and next-generation blockchain projects.

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