KardiaChain | MyDeFiPet AMA – Session with CEO & Co-Founder, Tri Pham

Taking a look at both KardiaChain and MyDeFiPet, it’s important to note that KardiaChain is a blockchain system designed to aid the connection of other blockchains. Using a non-invasive cross-chain tech, the blockchain system works as a data conduit allowing cross-chain communications amongst private or public blockchains irrespective of their protocols.

My DeFi Pet is a platform that fuses traditional game experiences and DeFi into NFT collectibles. In other words, the platform is a virtual pet game that brings together a combination of DeFi, collectibles, and user personality. The game is operated on platforms such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and KardiaChain. The DPET token is also the “main in-game currency.” The token can be used for exchanging, trading, and improving the Pets, and their qualities.

The CEO of Altcoin Buzz, Shashwat Gupta, anchored the AMA session in our Telegram channel with KardiaChain & MyDeFiPet CEO and Co-founder, Tri Pham.

We will go through a recap of the AMA with Tri Pham, CEO and co-founder of KardiaChain & MyDeFiPet, to understand what both projects have been up to recently.

Q – We had an AMA with Lê from Coin98 a few weeks back, another solid project originating from Vietnam. How is the crypto scene there?

The crypto scene in Vietnam is great, as I mentioned last year, and also the year before.

Q – I’ve been following KardiaChain since the very beginning and you have come a long way. How did you guys start?

Back in early 2018, from London, I started KardiaChain with my co-founder in Silicon Valley. Then, we noticed the opportunity in Vietnam, and decided to move back to our home market. It was a combination of demographic, economic, and policy environment. The majority of population is young and eager to try out new products, quite tech savvy.

Economy is booming with a stable geo-political environment. Vietnam is supportive and welcoming startup movement. We don’t have a clear legal framework yet but KardiaChain and I personally got involved in the discussion with government. We actively provide a correct view for the law makers.

Q – What’s on the roadmap for KardiaChain – what are you most excited about?

We are working on the mainnet v2, cross-chain features that enable DEX, and Dapps become multichain.

So far, KardiaChain is playing beautifully its role of an infra project. We build the foundation, and then help other projects to flourish.

I think it will take 2021 for KardiaChain truly become national blockchain in Vietnam, then we can all get excited about the projects built on us. Whatever we do, we do it for the mass adoption of blockchain.

Q – You are the co-founder and CEO of KardiaChain which already seems like a lot of work. You are also the co-founder and CEO of MyDefiPet, another billion-dollar project. How do you manage both? No sleep?

Haha, I have great companions. I think that’s the key for every successful business. MyDeFiPet $DPET is excellent example of that.

Q – For those who don’t know, tell us more about MyDeFiPet and why it is so successful?

I’ve known the founders of Topebox for a long time. They have been taking a good look at blockchain and crypto. Then early this year, we decided that gaming should be the next big thing, and we shall work on it.

MyDeFiPet combines the KardiaChain experience on blockchain and the Topebox experience on gaming.

Timing is definitely a big plus for MyDeFiPet. Apart from that, the game 3D modelling is quite unique. It was the first time we see randomise in 3D model generation that actually works in-game.

MyDeFiPet also did a good job in going viral. We designed a good mechanism for that; lower barrier of entries helps players get more eggs, and pets. Play-to-earn (P2E) features releasing as planned will generate adequate incomes and ROI for early supporters.

We have had an incredible journey with MyDeFiPet; from concept to production, launching, and operations. We learnt a lot and will spread this knowledge, and know-how to more game studios. Personally, I think blockchain game is inevitable for gaming.

Q – What was your inspiration, and what is your vision and long-term goals regarding MyDeFiPet?

Good question. MyDeFiPet is built for mass adoption; the concept of having a crypto pet, like our childhood tamagotchi (super popular in Asia). The name of the project speaks for itself. My-DeFi-Pet:

“My” – pet personalization. A feature that will be rolled out in the future to personalize your pet based on your real-life activities.

“DeFi” – the game’s core features include P2E and DeFi that will be integrated into the in-game content. It would change the way people play video games. Instead of pay-to-win (P2W), My DeFi Pet allows users to “Invest to Play to Earn”.

“Pet” – each pet in the game is an NFT that can be traded, staked, borrowed, or lent.

Q – Can you share major milestones that MyDeFiPet has accomplished?

Thank you for the question. We are thrilled to show you what we have accomplished in the past two months. We are oversubscribed during the fundraising in private and public rounds with top names like Animocas.

We have 1,600,000+ eggs purchased, 400,000+ pets evolved, 150,000+ token holders, and 2,300,000+ transactions. All these amazing numbers are from BSC.

Some other achievements:

The Top 1 BSC Game by User in Coingecko.

The First Big Game on BSC by DappRadar.

Top 20 projects in the MVBII Program by Binance.

Q – What’s your strategy to enhance the experience of play2earn and blockchain game models? What’s different about My DeFi Pet?

Let’s talk about gaming and gaming experience first.

For me, games are a set of challenges that requires one of all of the following: time, effort, and skills. So, when we play we actually work to solve these challenges, and make progress in game. So far, the only way to monetize gaming experience is to stream, and then blockchain comes, provides true ownerships to game assets, and tokenization of your gaming exp.

P2E is a process of generating and transferring in-game value (either time, effort, and skills) from one player to another to help them progress. From that perspective, we can explore and work on different P2E strategies, depend on the core loop of the game, the players, and the dynamic between players, and games.

One of MyDeFiPet strategies is to allow crowd-source of effort in solving a challenge. The whole game moves forward after each challenge, benefiting all players. The more effort you put in, the more reward you get. We are actually launching this feature very soon: World BossFight.

Q – Any other crypto games present or upcoming you find interesting?

I’m talking to game studios almost every day. Very interesting, from concepts to production ready for blockchain integration.

We will take like 2 weeks; I’ll bring all upcoming games on there haha. Launched on KAI and other blockchain; our goal is cross-chain anyway.

Q – Thoughts on DeFi?

DeFi is here to stay and will not be “adopted” by CeFi but rather replace CeFi.

Q – Thoughts on Enjin?

Enjin did a great work to build foundation for NFT. I hope they keep building.

Q – End of year BTC price prediction?

BTC 193k EOY

Q – Top 3 favorite altcoins?

Top 3 fav alts are tough – can I do 2? $KAI and $DPET?

Q – Thoughts on Altcoin Buzz?

Altcoin Buzz rocks, through bull and bear, you guys are still growing.

Thereafter, the chat was opened to the community for questions.

Q – Garrett: Americans have very limited access to investing in projects outside of the big names on our popular apps (Coinbase/BinanceUS/Blockfolio). What is your plan/strategy to get involved with the American market?

We are working with several big US VCs to find a good solution. Coinbase is also a good solution.

Q – Ciera Chapman: Can you list 1-3 killer features of DPET that make it ahead of its competitors?
  1. BossFight: crowd-sourcing effort to beat game challenges.
  2. Personalization: will come later this year, allows you to earn specific tokens to upgrade pets based on daily activities.
  3. Super Cute pets.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Tri Pham for taking part in the KardiaChain & MyDeFiPet AMA on 26th July in our Telegram channel.

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