Access Early VC Crypto Gems via Common Wealth Airdrops

What if you can get an invitation to early-stage crypto deals, the same as a VC? Being early counts in crypto. How many times have I mentioned this already? To be honest, I’ve lost track. But it’s true. So, on that note, we, as retail investors, don’t always get access to presales or seeding rounds. That’s usually limited to VCs. 

However, Common Wealth is now giving you the opportunity that often only VCs get. It opens the gates to get in early. Common Wealth offers a Free VC Fund which is worth $2.4 million. This fund gives access to 15 projects that haven’t launched yet.

You can get a slice of this Free Fund, and it’s part of an airdrop. Pretty cool, huh? Interested? Well, keep on watching. I will give you more details of this revolutionary and innovative system.

What Is Common Wealth?

You can see Common Wealth as an early-stage investment platform. Now, that doesn’t make it stand out. However, the fact that this should be accessible to everyone does. Retail can step into opportunities it usually doesn’t get access to.

The team designed a revolutionary new economy. They did that by combining two factors:

  1. The power that Web3 technology has.
  2. High-level economic principles.

What they did next was to redistribute all accrued value to their community. They want to change the outdated and centralized models that VCs use. As a result, investing in Web3 should be simple. 

So, the team behind Common Wealth is well-seasoned. They came up with the idea of the ‘Free “earn-to-own” VC Fund’. Their backgrounds include firms like Cardano, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Intel.

There’s also a 10-person All Street Oracle. These are the investment council members. There are some well-known names in there with VC backgrounds. So, they know what they’re talking about. They are the people who bring in the projects. For example, they invested early in some well-known projects, like Cosmos, Coinbase, Chainlink, Kraken, Ripple, and Star Atlas.

That’s quite an impressive line-up. Furthermore, Common Wealth will launch on zkSync. A chain we have our eyes out on for their respective airdrop. This indicates a move from Ethereum to this L2. As a result, it offers faster and cheaper transactions. So, let’s take a closer look at the Free VC Fund.

Which Projects Are in the Free VC Fund About?

So, let’s take a closer look at this Free VC Fund by Common Wealth. As I already mentioned, it gives you access to 15 promising Web3 projects. The kicker is, that these 15 haven’t launched their tokens yet. 

Here are some of these 15 projects, for example:

The Free VC Fund Rewards

Ok, that’s all nice and dandy, and it looks great, but what can we win? So, there will be 1026 winners and all win ‘slices’. These slices are the airdrops for the winners of a 3-week campaign. The campaign starts on the 21st of February. 

Once you qualify for a Free Fund slice, it will show up in your wallet. At your discretion, you can, for example: Split it, transfer it, or trade it. Here’s the reward structure, that’s what you’ve been waiting for. However, be aware that all mentioned figures are the estimated value of the allocations. They’re based on the project’s most recent private funding round:

  • Top Tier: The top 10 participants will each secure a $10,000** allocation.
  • Second Tier: The next 50 participants receive a $5,000** allocation.
  • Third Tier: The next 1,000 participants are good for a $1,000** allocation.
  • Runners-Up: No one is left empty-handed. So, there’s $1.05 million worth of their $WLTH token to share. That’s for everybody who makes it to the leaderboard. This has an FDV (fully diluted value) of $30 million.

There were also early supporters. That’s when you hold a Genesis NFT. Besides having minted one, they’re also available on secondary marketplaces. However, Series 1 has a floor of 1.99 ETH and Series 2 of 0.5 ETH. Nonetheless, current holders and Beta Testers will receive extra campaign points (XP).

How Can You Take Part?

As already mentioned, the campaign starts on the 21st of February. The campaign will last for 3 weeks. You can use this link to sign up. It ends with a verification phase. The app will go live before 8th April on zkSync Era. So, here is a lowdown of the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Set Up Your Profile: You will need to create a profile on the Common Wealth app. For this, you need an email address.
  • Complete Missions: Finish at least three missions per project. Otherwise, you won’t make it onto the leaderboard.
  • Provide Proof: Stay on top of the campaign. Some missions will ask for proof of completion.
  • Verification: The Common Wealth team will verify the results. You can retry invalidated results until the campaign closes. After the campaign closes, you can’t retry invalidated results anymore.
  • Winning Criteria: It’s simple, the person with the highest XP score wins when the campaign ends.
  • Prize Exclusivity: You can claim only one spot on the leaderboard. As a result, everyone can only claim one prize.
  • Airdrop Eligibility: If you qualify for the leaderboard, you will get a $WLTH airdrop at TGE. Except Tier 1,2 and 3 winners.
  • Tie-Breakers: There are algorithmic tie-breakers in place. They can resolve score ties with AI objectivity.
  • Final Decisions: The judges’ decisions are final. 

So, how do you like this setup? Do you like the novel idea and the fair chance of getting in early? 


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