zkSync Airdrop Guide

The zkSync airdrop is currently one of the most anticipated airdrops. It could be a big airdrop as well. The platform recently released new guidelines on how to qualify.

We also show you some other tasks you can perform, to increase your share of the airdrop. So, let’s dive straight into these zkSync airdrop options. If you want more guides like this, subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha.

What are Guilds?

The zkSync platform released updated airdrop qualification criteria on Guild. Meeting the criteria for the Verified Levels 1 & 2 allows you to take part in the zkSuccess program. Currently, there are no further details available for this program. However, taking part in zkSuccess will likely increase your airdrop share. So, let’s take a look and see what these requirements are. See the picture below.

zkSync Guilds

Source: Guilds

  • Visit the guild page and join the zkSync Guild.
  • First, you will need to join their Discord server. The completed Guild tasks will be roles in their Discord server.
  • Verified Level 1
  1. Have at least 10 transactions on zkSync. These can be anything, ranging from bridging or swapping, to minting NFTs.
  2. Your Discord account has to be older than 3 months.
  3. Have a verified email address.
  4. Have a Gitcoin Passport with a score of at least 15 in Unique Humanity Score. I will explain this in more detail shortly.
  • Verified Level 2
  1. Have the Verified Level 1 role in the zkSync Discord server.
  2. Have a Gitcoin Passport with a score of at least 15 in Unique Humanity Score.
  • Verified Level 3

Be a Libertas Omnibus holder. This is an NFT, available on, for instance, OpenSea, OKX, or Elements. The current floor is 0.071 ETH or $165. It’s a special role on their Discord server. Holding one also allows you access to a dedicated Libertas Omnibus DC channel.

The Gitcoin Passports give you a Unique Humanity Score by completing tasks. These range from having social media accounts, having an ENS name, or holding NFTs on Ethereum. There’s plenty more, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a 20+ score. See the picture below.

Gitcoin passport

Source: Gitcoin passport

Other Ways to Increase Your zkSync Airdrop

There are plenty of other ways to increase your share of the zkSync airdrop. So, we’re going to list various options here. Try to complete all of them or as many as you can. In general, the ETH volume that you move around in the various Dapps makes a difference. This can also be other assets, like altcoins. The number of transactions can also make an impact. So, let’s dive into some options. For instance,

Deploy a smart contract

Deploying a smart contract can help you to secure a bigger share of their airdrop. There’s an efficient and easy-to-use tool available. That’s ‘Thirdweb‘, and it lets you deploy smart contracts for free. It has a good UI and using this Dapp is straightforward. Here’s an explanation from our website article on Thirdweb. For $15 per month, you can also get information like this daily.


Volume and Transactions

In general, the ETH volume that you move around in the various Dapps makes a difference. You can also use other assets, like altcoins, USTD, or USDC. The number of transactions also has an impact. Try to have at least 20, 50, 100 or more transactions. Ideally, you are in the top 10 or top 20 for transactions. You can check this on Rhino.fi. See the picture below.


Source: Rhino

You can complete daily tasks on various platforms. For example, Atlas 3 or search for ‘free zkSync mints’ on X.

In contrast to free mints, you should also consider volume in assets. One way of doing this is by bridging. You can bridge ETH or other assets from zkSync to other chains. If you bridge to Linear or Manta, you may net more airdrops for these chains. For example, with Rhino.fi or Orbiter. To generate volume, bridge $500 to $1k around between zkSync and other chains. Do this several times. You only pay for gas and bridging fees. Check this page on Rhino for extra achievement NFTs you can mint. Rhino has also started their ‘Rhino Run’ on Layer3. These are weekly quests on zkSync. All this helps to rack up volume and transactions for you on zkSync.

GRVT Exchange

Use the GRVT exchange extensively. The zkSync team has been hyping this exchange. You can refer people to connect to your X account and follow GRVT on X. This will give you 3 raffle points. You can swap the points for zkSync mystery boxes. There are plenty of other ways to get points, for example with referrals. You will also qualify for the GRVT airdrop with the referrals. Trading will start soon. 


Use this dashboard to complete all your zkSync achievements. You do this by collecting NFTs. There are 3 parts, with the first part ending on the 9th of February. The second part runs from the 5th to the 15th of February. See the picture below.


Source: Hypercomic


It appears that the zkSync airdrop is edging in closer. We see some signs that hint at this. Hence, we give you an updated zkSync airdrop guide. It has the latest and most relevant information in it, how you can increase your chances.



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