Airdrops are a good way of making free money. You need to complete some tasks and hopefully, this qualifies you for the airdrop. Recently, the Celestia airdrop rewarded you for deploying smart contracts on the platform. Scroll is now asking for something similar.

So, we found a platform that offers exactly this. Thirdweb is a development framework. It offers an easy UI and you can deploy smart contracts on any EVM chain in minutes. The best thing? There’s a free option.

What Is Thirdweb?

Thirdweb is a platform for developers. However, if you can’t write code, you can use it. The platform allows you to deploy ready-made templates. There are three main areas you can use Thirdweb for. For instance, you can deploy:

  • Smart contracts – for tokens, NFTs, NFT marketplaces, DAOs, or wallets.
  • Payments – make blockchain payments and transactions easy.
  • Infrastructure – connect your apps to decentralized networks.

The UI is super user-friendly and easy to use. This platform allows you to build smart contracts, deploy them, and interact with them. For example, it will take you around 5 to 10 minutes to set up a smart contract for token deployment. You can mint your desired number of tokens, burn or airdrop them, and transfer them.Β 

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So, the beauty of Thirdweb is that you can deploy smart contracts. But the best part is that you don’t need to write any code at all. Another great feature is that all of Thirdweb’s smart contracts are already audited. See the picture below.

Thirdweb token smart contract

Source: Thirdweb token smart contract

Features of Thirdweb

Here are more insights into some of Thirdweb’s features. For most features, it offers an SDK or software development kit. But don’t worry, the site helps you with every step.Β For example, they offer various wallet options. Like a smart wallet or an embedded wallet. Now, the platform will help you to set up the ‘Connect your wallet‘ button. This allows users of your platform, to pay with crypto on your platform, without having to leave it.

Thirdweb offers guides on all the activities you can do on their site. Furthermore, there’s an extensive portal, with explanations for every step. And how about YouTube videos on all features? This covers,

  • Wallets.
  • Contracts.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Tools
  • SDK references.

So, try out Thirdweb, and deploy smart contracts on as many chains as you can think of, that don’t have a token yet. We did publish the Scroll step-by-step guide in this article. It explains how to choose and deploy a token smart contract. The video below shows how to create an NFT collection gallery.


Thirdweb is a complete development framework. However, you can deploy smart contracts without writing a single line of code. This is the coolest platform to help you get a potential juicy airdrop. It offers a friendly UI and all its contracts are already audited. So, more airdrops are now looking for smart contract deployment. Thirdweb is the answer to this requirement.


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