Hidden Crypto Gems: Top 3 Altcoins Under $1

Good crypto coins don’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of solid or promising projects that have tokens or altcoins under $1. Once they pick up the pace, it’s quite possible that their price will go over $1. 

However, price is not the only criterion to look at. There are plenty of other aspects to consider. For example, you can look at fundamental research methods. Take a look at the team, their tokenomics, or if there’s any hype. These are only a few aspects to look for. So, my research team and I found some promising altcoins that are currently under $1. Let’s take a closer look.

1) Polygon (MATIC)

My first pick is a longstanding favorite at Altcoin Buzz. It’s Polygon and their MATIC token. One of the current leading altcoins. The reason I picked Polygon is that Polygon 2.0 is coming up. This will bring some changes to the current setup. It will be multichain and comes with a new token, POL. So, let’s start with their new POL token. It’s already been live since the end of October 2023. You can upgrade your MATIC tokens to POL at a 1:1 ratio. 

The supply of both tokens matches. However, currently, the gas fees are still paid in MATIC. You will have 4 years to convert your MATIC to POL. In other words, there’s no need to rush. POL will become the native Polygon token for all chains. You can also use it for staking. So, what chains will Polygon 2.0 have? 

  • There’s the PoS chain. This is the current chain.
  • Polygon zkEVM, which is also live. It combines zk-proofs (zero-knowledge) with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It’s a secure and very scalable chain.
  • The Supernet chains. These are app-specific chains on Polygon Edge. You can build customizable blockchain stacks. 

Polygon Edge is modular and devs can configure it. So, you have a network of chains, secured by the PoS chain and the POL token. For all these chain options, you can use POL for staking. This includes restaking. Everything interconnects and becomes elastically scalable. Polygon calls this the Value Layer of the Internet. As a result, you get an ecosystem like the Cosmos Hub or Polkadot. The current MATIC price is $0.8439.

2) Pyth Network (PYTH)

Pyth Network is an oracle. It’s also the second of today’s altcoins. The name oracle comes from the Latin word ‘orare’. This means ‘to speak’. That’s what the old Greek oracles did, back in the day. These were women, chosen by gods. You could ask them a question, and when they would speak, they answered a God. 

Well, nowadays, it’s all a bit more automated and technical. But the essence is almost the same. Blockchains can’t communicate with the outside world. So, they need modern-day oracles to help them. These oracles can look up information in the real world and transfer it to a blockchain. 

For example, this is how exchanges get crypto asset price information. But also, blockchain betting sites require sports results. Weather sites need weather reports, and so on. That’s where Pyth comes in. It specializes in providing financial data. Most of it is in DeFi. 

It connects market data to smart contracts. So, the data comes from large traders and exchanges. For example, Binance, Osmosis, or Raydium. Pyth calls Solana its home. However, it provides its service to plenty of platforms and protocols on other chains. For instance, Arbitrum, Injective, or Kava, just to name a few. Here are some current stats for Pyth:

  • 450+ data feeds, trusted by 300+ apps.
  • Services 50+ blockchains.
  • Has over 90 million updates per day. It updates its data every 400 milliseconds.

For example, it appears that Chainlink doesn’t update its data as frequently. That’s what their docs tell us. There’s also an option to stake your $PYTH. This can potentially qualify you for other Solana ecosystem airdrops. The minimum amount to stake would be around 1000 PYTH. The current PYTH price is $0.5414.

3) Centrifuge (CFG)

With Centrifuge, we move into the RWA realm. These are real-world assets, and it’s one of the hottest narratives for 2024. So, what RWA does is bring real-world assets in reach for everyone. RWA platforms tokenize real-world assets and bring them on-chain. Centrifuge is one of the pioneers of this. Their mainnet goes back to April 2020.

Now, Centrifuge lets you borrow or lend assets. This eliminates any middlemen and all commissions they take. That’s only one advantage. It’s also possible to fractionalize an RWA. A good example is real estate. You may not be able to afford a whole real estate asset. However, after it’s tokenized and fractionalized, you can afford parts of it.

Their flagship is the Tinlake Dapp. You can find this on the Ethereum chain as an open marketplace. It’s also an investment Dapp. This is where you can tokenize RWAs into NFTs. Once it’s tokenized, you can move it around in the DeFi space. In contrast to Tinlake, Centrifuge itself calls Polkadot and Kusama its home. Centrifuge offers RWAs in a couple of different areas. For instance:

  • Invoices. 
  • Real-estate. 
  • Revenue-based financing.
  • US Treasury Bills.

Another interesting aspect of Centrifuge is that it offers a compliant legal infrastructure.  The current CFG price is $0.5432. It’s one of the leading altcoins in the RWA space. Next are the liquidity pools that Centrifuge launched. On Ethereum, Base, and Arbitrum. This allows you to invest funds in RWA pools without having to leave a chain or change wallets.

The team also has the Kinto, Gnosis, Celo, and Mantle chains on their visor. These are all L2 or rollup chains. So, which one of the protocols and their altcoins I mentioned today is your favorite, and why? 



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