We all want to get rich with crypto? But, do we all keep making the same mistakes again and again? We keep missing getting into HIGH POTENTIAL crypto projects Early! Let me show you the power of getting in early. I bought BNB when it was worth 40 cents.ย 

That means my BNB holding did a 1715X when BNB touched its all-time high of $686.ย But, the best part about crypto is that it has endless opportunities to make such whopping profits.ย So, here are 4 promising new crypto gems. What bought them under my radar is the massive funding they received recently.ย 

1) Centrifuge

Centrifuge is my first pick. It tokenizes real-world assets (RWAs). For example, real estate,ย mortgages, or invoices.ย This is a growing narrative in the crypto space. For example:

They are active in the same field. So, you tokenize the RWAs. As a result, you can use them as collateral to borrow against. Also, Centrifuge is on Polkadot but has a bridge to Ethereum. Their first application is Tinlake. This is an asset-backed lending protocol.ย 

So, let’s have a look at some backers of Centrifuge.ย In February 2021, the project secured $4.3 million. This saw investments by, for example, Galaxy Digital, IOSG Ventures, andย Rockaway Ventures.ย ย 

Also, in May 2022, Centrifuge had a strategic partnership, worth $3 million. This was with BlockTower. This is an interesting partnership. BlockTower will also join MakerDAO as a collateral provider.ย Besides MakerDAO’s $150 million, BlockTower will bring in $70 million. Together, they will create a $220 million pool on Centrifuge.

Then, in October 2022, Centrifuge raised another $4 million. This time with:ย 

  • Coinbase Ventures.
  • BlockTower.
  • Scytale.
  • L1 Digital.ย 

In total, Centrifuge raised $15.8 million in 6 rounds. That’s an impressive number at an early stage.ย Their token, CFG, currently has a price of $0.1959, and a Market cap of $70.7 million. A total supply of 447 million tokens and 360 million circulating. And that also brings me to my 2nd pick, EigenLayer.

2) EigenLayer

By now, you should all know what liquid staking is and what it does.ย EigenLayer is a little different. It allows you to re-stake your ETH. For instance, this adds security to other applications on the network. So, in a nutshell, as they say in Thailand, ‘same same but different’.ย 

Liquid staking gives you a token that represents, for example, your staked ETH. This token you can use again along DeFi. You can earn more income this way. On the other hand, with re-staking, you can secure other protocols by using your stake. Each protocol has its own reward system.

So, staking gives you one revenue stream, and it locks your capital up. With re-staking, you can stake these funds again, with other protocols.ย Secure various networks simultaneously. However, you only use a single capital stake.

When you secure early-stage networks, you may find yourself at the receiving end of an airdrop. So, EigenLayer is about to launch its mainnet. Right now, you can still use their Goerli testnet.

EigenLayer already managed to raise $71.9 million. Out of this, $50 million they raised in January. This was during a Series A funding. Before this, they already raised $14.4 million with Figment Capital. Other investors are, for example:

  • Blockchain Capital.
  • Poluchain.
  • Coinbase Ventures.
  • Electric Capital and many more.

That’s some serious investments and well-known investors we’re talking about here. Currently, EigenLayer doesnโ€™t have a token.

3) PolyTrade

PolyTrade is the second RWA narrative in this article, after Centrifuge. As I said before, keep an eye out for RWAs. They will be big this year and in the future.ย 

So, RWAs mirror TradFi and physical assets on a blockchain. They become digital assets. So, if you can’t afford the real deal, go digital. You can now own a part of it, instead of the unaffordable full or complete asset. PolyTrade offers two options for tokenizing assets:ย 

  1. Their Lender Portal or the lending app. Each tokenized asset is transparent in each pool. You know exactly where all funds are deployed. This went live in February 2022.
  2. Their RWA marketplace. This is in the making, with an imminent launch. Trade, buy, sell, fractionalize, or bundle any tokenized RWA asset.ย 

Now, how are the backers for PolyTrade looking? In total, they raised $5 million to date.ย  Their biggest funding round was earlier in March. They managed to raise $3.8 million. This includes names like:

  • Alpha Wave.
  • Matrix Partners.
  • Polygon Ventures.
  • Singularity Ventures.ย 
  • GTM Ventures.ย 
  • CoinSwitch Ventures.

It’s also worthwhile noting that early backers included Polygons’ Sandeep Nailwal.ย Their TRADE token price is at $0.1427 with a $3.3 million market cap. The total token supply is 100 million. 23.3 million tokens circulate.

4) Orderly

With Orderly, we’re back in the DeFi trading space. They offer a permissionless spot and futures trading option but with an order book. So, we’re talking DeFi here, but with a CeFi-level execution.

The network is on top of the Near blockchain. This is a fast chain with low transaction costs. To clarify, this is a network that devs can build on. For example:

  • An Order book DEX.
  • A Swap.
  • Or Liquidity pools.

Near and WOO Network incubated the project. This resulted in WOO DEX being the first Dapp that launched on Orderly. Now you can also find Ref Finance and Jump DeFi on Orderly. Together, they have a $7.5 million TVL and a $160 million total trading volume.

For backers, we’re looking at a $20 million seed round. This was in June 2022. Part of this round was Pantera Capital,ย Dragonfly Capital, Sequoia China, andย Jump Crypto. Also, the current list of backers also includes:

  • Laser Digital.
  • Newman Capital.
  • Amber.
  • Gate Ventures and many more.

Orderly doesn’t have a token yet. So, this is something to keep an eye out on.

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