10 Crypto Resources to Go From Zero to Hero

Chainalysis released its crypto adoption report in September 2023. And this year’s Global Crypto Adoption Index showed that there’s been an increase in grassroots adoption of cryptocurrencies. This means that more regular people have shown interest in crypto.

Joining our industry can be fun. But it has its fair share of frustration. One of the primary sources of this frustration is the fragmentation of knowledge. The average newbie does not understand the crypto industry or what tools and resources they need to get by.

Source: Chainalysis

Crypto is still new despite being around for a little over a decade. This means that the industry is far from being structured. A lot of things are still being figured out or put in place.

But, before then, we’ve put together 10 resources that will help you go from “zero to hero” in your crypto journey. These resources will help you know where to get what you need and how to enjoy your experience.

With the bull run right around the corner, these tools are pretty important. Only those who are well prepared can take advantage of the coming bull run. So, let’s get to them.

News Resources

Information is key in crypto. Like the traditional finance market, there are certain platforms that provide news resources. You can never underestimate the power of events and how they affect the market. Here are two major news platforms:

Beincrypto: It provides analysis and informative news on regulation, blockchain technology, and crypto market events.

Decrypt Media: It works like a regular CNN or BBC. But this time, it is dedicated to explaining the crypto and Web3. Their stories have a bit more details and explanation than most platforms. Other notable news platforms are:

  • Cointelegraph. 
  • Coindesk.
Market Data Aggregators

Market data aggregators are important in crypto. These platforms provide access to different brokers and crypto instruments on a single platform. In addition, these aggregators combine data from different decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs) using APIs, smart contracts, dApps, and oracles.

Here are two major aggregators:

Coingecko: It aggregates crypto prices and information. Coingecko comes in handy when you need to know the performance of a certain cryptocurrency.

DexCheck: The decentralized market is broad. However, DexCheck aggregates all the data you need on a single platform. This way, you can make informed decisions.

On-Chain analytics

Crypto investors now have access to a wide range of simple-to-use on-chain indicators and data sets, thanks to the emergence of on-chain analytic platforms. The insights and updates you receive from these tools should only serve as a guide, as they are not totally error-proof.

These platforms provide data that you can use to predict trends. They serve both expert traders and newbies.

Here are two of the best options:

CryptoQuant: It provides diverse on-chain insights for retail traders. CryptoQuant analyzes data like holder behavior, supply dynamics, and exchange reserves. These data provide key insight into decision-making.

Dune Analytics: It offers free access to good visualization tools and on-chain data. Anyone can leverage this platform to unlock insights and analyze crypto networks.

Social Analytics

Crypto social analysis tools are important. They analyze the sentiment and activity of a certain cryptocurrency or blockchain-related issue on social media platforms. They let you know the mood, opinions, and impressions about a specific project or token.

Let’s look at some examples.

Santiment Feed: Santiment tracks a lot of things. It provides data on whale activity on a token and even social media engagements. Santiment tracks project finance, developer activity, social media behavior, and on-chain activity.

TweetScout: Twitter is the social market for the crypto community. So, a project that performs well on Twitter is often a good sign. TweetScout tracks this performance. It provides data on a project’s performance and engagement on Twitter.

Wallet Explorers

Wallet explorers provide key insight into crypto. You can use these platforms to view the history of wallet addresses, including transactions. The nature of blockchain technology makes everything transparent. Anyone can see anything, including transactions. Here are two of the best explorers.

Arkham Intelligence: This project made waves for seeking to deanonymize blockchain. It allows anyone to scrutinize blockchain addresses, track both sides of a transaction, and perform other investigative tasks.

De.Fi: This is a super app that allows you to track your portfolio, among other things. It also provides a crypto antivirus scanner for security.

The ten tools listed here are a good place to improve your experience. These platforms are not the end goal. Instead, they are a means to an end. You need to leverage these tools to make better decisions and improve your industry knowledge.

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