What's the latest in Polytrade Finance?

Polytrade Finance, a Polygon-based platform, offers global SMEs direct trade financing opportunities.

Polytrade launched in 2022. And has made lots of remarkable achievements in the RWA area sector since then.

Recent Updates in Polytrade Finance

Some of their feats include launching the first tokenized invoice pool and creating a new tokenization standard (ERC-6960). And assembling Real World Assets at the RWA Marketplace. Polytrade is presently backed by some formidable partners, such as:

  • Matrix.
  • Polygon Studios.
  • Alpha Wave.
  • Coin Switch.

They also have an impressive list of advisors, such as:

  • Sandeep Nailwal, Founder and CEO, Polygon.
  • Sameep Singhania – Co-Founder at Quickswap.
  • Rahul Garg – Partner at Venture Highway.

A project’s development activities are a good metric of its value. And there’s been a lot of growth-oriented events within Polytrade. Let’s look at a few.

A Move to Polytrade 2.0

Since its launch, Polytrade has been recognized as an RWA Trade Finance Protocol. However, the team has been working to diversify in recent months. And have developed products that support multiple RWA verticals and business models. The project is currently reorganizing into what it calls Polytrade 2.0. Polytrade 2.0 focuses on three different, but related, business lines:

  • RWA marketplace: the major DeFi product that aggregates and consolidates on-chain RWAs by solving existing challenges within the ecosystem.
  • Trade Finance
  • Institutional technology helps big banks, organizations, and corporations resolve difficulties by using Polytrade’s spectrum of front- and back-end technologies. This includes its marketplace, lender protocol, ERC-6960, and others.

Marketplace Launch Plan

Polytrade is working on the full rollout of its marketplace. The launch will take place in three phases:

  • Private.
  • Whitelist.
  • Public.

The grand plan is to make the RWA marketplace the center of on-chain RWAs.

Polytrade Reflections

Polytrade Finance recently launched its limited NFT collection, known as Polytrade Reflections. So, Polytrade Reflections unlocks unmatched value and access to the future of RWAs. These NFTs simply expose users to the RWA. This means it wields real utility.

Incorporating metals into the RWA space

One of Polytrade’s recent accomplishments is its partnership with Aurus, which allows the integration of precious metals into the RWA marketplace. Polytrade will introduce Aurus’ tokenized precious metals, such as

  • tGOLD (TXAU).
  • tPLATINUM (TXPT): Onto the RWA marketplace.

These assets are backed by physical bullion stored in top-tier vaults worldwide. In addition, anyone can invest in these metals, regardless of their location. Also, users’ investment stays secure as the value of these metals rises.

Other updates and integrations

Polytrade Finance has made some strategic partnerships in recent months. It recently partnered with Horizen EON, an EVM-compatible smart contracting platform. The partnership seeks to support the exchange, trading, and fractionalization of different real-world assets within the Horizen Ecosystem.

In addition. Polytrade’s marketplace contracts are now public, fully audited, and transparent. Check it out here. The recent activities of Polytrade reflect their ambitions. Polytrade is making its mark in the RWA sector. And their expanding community makes them noteworthy.


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