In an official post uploaded on November 22nd, KuCoin announced that they will be delisting six tokens. These tokens have been delisted due to being “disqualified.”

The six tokens to be delisted due to the Special Treatment Rule and according to the post they are:

  • EncrypGen (DNA)
  • Publica (PBL)
  • Raiden Network Token (RDN)
  • Monetha (MTH)
  • BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT)
  • Gladius Token (GLA)

The delisting process follows three steps:

  • All deposits and pending orders will be shut off on November 22, 2018, at UTC+8
  • Trading pairs will be closed as of November 23, 2018, at UTC+8
  • All withdrawals of previously mentioned will be supported up until November 23, 2019, at UTC+8. In order to properly secure tokens from the six tokens, please withdraw all funds from KuCoin as soon as possible.

KuCoin’s Special Treatment Rule follows eight criteria and is subject to a mandatory review period for each coin/token places in the Special Treatment category. After the review period, on a case by case basis, the exchange may choose to delist the reviewed coin/token. The eight criteria are:

  • Low liquidity for a certain period of time
  • Ceasing of business activities for three months
  • In liquidation, insolvent, bankrupt, or subject to bankruptcy
  • Negative opinions by the company auditor
  • Failure to submit update reports to KuCoin in accordance with requirements
  • The project/team is likely dissolved
  • Any malicious acts
  • Other situations determined by KuCoin (case by case basis)

If you have any of the coins being delisted, please keep your funds safe and withdraw them as soon as possible.


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