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OneRare is a food Metaverse game. They are creating a tokenization layer for Food on Web3, ensuring a rich and gamified experience for players.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the OneRare AMA session on our Telegram channel with Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju, co-founders of OneRare. The AMA took place on November 19th, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju to understand the latest updates about the company. The AMA was in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to OneRare

Background Information
Q – Tell us about yourself. What’s your background, and how did you come up with the idea of OneRare?

Supreet – I’m Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare. I have a background in design and specialize in UI/UX. I head the complete creative strategy for our Foodverse.

Gaurav – I am Gaurav Gupta, co-Founder of OneRare. I have an engineering background, but I mostly specialize in marketing and building communities.

Q – Tell us a bit about your team. Where is the team based out of?

Supreet – We are an entire team of 18, including designers, developers, and marketers. In sync with the borderless nature of blockchain, our team is spread all across the world.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

About The Foodverse Project
Q – You have introduced the unique concept of The Foodverse. So what is a Foodverse?

Supreet – A Foodverse, simply put, is a Food inspired Metaverse. We celebrate Food from across the world in our gamified universe, where players can farm, trade, and claim unique Dishes. As well as interact with some beautiful mini-games in our Playground.

Q – Metaverse is by itself a new concept. When we think of a Metaverse, we think of land, buildings, transport, advertisement, etc. How does a Foodverse work?

Supreet – Completely agree with you, Ani. Metaverse is a very new concept, and everyone should explore what it is before fully laying down a definition.

I think Facebook has come and laid down a precise definition and vision of what a Metaverse is. But they are not the first-to-market. The blockchain industry has been working on the Metaverse concept for longer, and it’s okay for different ideas to evolve for what a Metaverse should be.

We came up with the idea of a Foodverse in January 2021 to celebrate Food. As well as use the happy theme of Food to connect users from across the world. Our focus is on celebrating Food: global cuisines, festival delicacies, signature dishes from celebrity chefs, iconic restaurant meals, and special diets like Vegan/Keto. We are excited to explore this space, come up with new Food ideas every day and modify the blockchain with our definition of Foodverse.

Q – There are four areas in the Foodverse; Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen, and Playground. How do these all integrate?

Supreet – All four areas of our Foodverse allow people to indulge in various Food-related activities;

  • The Farm, which is play-to-earn, and you can grow Ingredients.
  • The Farmer’s Market, where farmers can sell their harvested crops, as well as exotic ingredients.
  • The Kitchen, which is the soul of OneRare, and you can read recipes and claim Dish NFTs. And lastly,
  • Our Playground is where you can play mini-games using ORARE tokens and your NFTs.

To claim a dish, your wallet needs to have all the necessary ingredients to make a dish. The dishes will be listed in the OneRare Kitchen with pre-set recipes. Each Recipe is a list of ingredients you need to make the Dish.
Once you have all the ingredients, you can go to the Kitchen and combine them – watch the magic as your ingredient NFTs disappear and the Dish NFT is delivered to your wallet.

Q – So you have gamified the end-to-end food supply chain concept. From the Farm to the Kitchen?

Supreet – Yes, and as we go along, we would like to bring the NFTs to life to complete the cycle.

Q – So, are the farmers like landowners who cultivate in their lands and sell their produce?

Supreet – As of now, OneRare will be providing all the farm space to Farmers without any land-ownership needed. They can choose their ingredient and farm them.

Q – For instance, as a user, I can become a farmer, product ingredients, ingredients I don’t have I can purchase, and then go to my Kitchen and cook the Dish as an NFT. Did I get it right?

Supreet – Yes, that’s correct.

More Insights on The Foodverse
Q – From the economy, my primary motivation will be to farm and sell ingredients and sell the final dishes. What will give Value to the last dishes in the market? What brings the Rarity or uniqueness in the dishes?

Supreet – I’ll break this into two parts:

  1. For Rarity, we have a unique concept. In OneRare, the more a dish is minted, the costlier it becomes. Let’s say you are the first player. You can make the French Fries Recipe by bringing one ingredient – one Potato, one Oil & one Salt. The next player will have to get four potatoes, four Oil, and four Salt. Similarly, the number of ingredients needed for every mint will keep going up exponentially. This makes the NFT increase with every mint, making it more challenging to make and more expensive. The first person to make a OneRare Dish will have a significant advantage because he will own an NFT that is only getting more expensive.
  2. Regarding Value for the final dishes, we are creating a system where the Dish NFT holds collectors’ Value and allows the Dish to play Mini Games at the Playground. As we go along, the Dish NFT would also be exchanged for a real-life meal.
Q – How is the ORARE token linked to this economy, from Farm to the Kitchen?

Supreet – Our entire Foodverse will run on the $ORARE token, a utility token for users. It is used in various aspects of the game: from the Farm to the Playground. You can speed up your farming, trade at the farmer’s market, play mini-games at the Playground, and do much more.

Alongside, holders of the ORARE token will have significant powers in our governance and community decisions, like voting on which recipes go live, festive celebration airdrops, and staking for celebrity recipes.

Achievements and Future Plans
Q – What stage of development is your product currently at, and what key milestones have been achieved?

Supreet – We have released TestNet MVP, where you can make three Recipes already, and will be releasing our Version 1.0 with the Farm, Farmer’s Market & Kitchen this week.

We have successfully created the first mechanism on the blockchain to burn Ingredient NFTs within the wallet and deliver a Dish NFT. We aim to be on MainNet by December.

Q – You have your IDO coming up. Tell us more. How can the community participate?

Supreet – Yes, we have a Multi-IDO next week.

  • November 25th – Enjinstarter
  • November 27th – TrustPad

And we are currently running a Pre-IDO with Genesis Shards, which will culminate on November 24th. The community can choose any of these Launchpads to participate in.

Q – Post-TGE, what do you have in your roadmap with the significant milestones and the timelines?

Supreet – We want our community to have access to ORARE so they can play in our Foodverse. So we have our TGE/IDO lined up for end-November. We plan to release our Mainnet in December.
The Mainnet will feature the Farm, Farmers Market, and Kitchen. Once enough recipes have been created, we will bring the Playground in Q1 2022 with the Mini Games.

Our Roadmap above.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

From this segment, the five winners were rewarded with $100 worth of USDT.

Q.Twitter – I’m curious about the name OneRare. Why did you choose this name?

Supreet – When we were brainstorming for our name, we came up with many. We chose OneRare for imbibing the simplicity that our game adopts.
“One Rare” will be used before every part of our project. The Dishes will be OneRare Burger or OneRare Hanoi Pho. And our community is the OneRare Community. Everything about us is One (unique) and Rare.

Q.Twitter – On your website, you said that OneRare would be collaborating with some of the famous chefs in the world. What will be the end goal of this initiative? How will these chefs help the OneRare project and its causes?

Supreet – Yes, we are collaborating with many chefs and restaurants. We aim to tokenize their signature dishes as NFTs, and the revenue earned through this will be donated to a charity like the UNICEF crypto fund or charity of chef’s choice.
Our current goal is to build up this system so we can create a difference. We will also want our community to be active in helping us identify these causes. We have concepts in a plan like a Food Fridge, where our players can stake their Dish NFTs, and we will work with a charity to set up an actual fridge in a needy area & people can get free food.

The Chef NFTs will also be used to claim real-life meals and deals at their restaurants.

Q.Telegram – Besides One Rare, there are many cooking game shows on App Store worldwide. Can you share with us the main features of the OneRare project that make it stand out from the rest? What is the most ambitious target of the One Rare project that has not been achieved, and are you still planning for the future in 2022?

Supreet – To start, OneRare is a foodies game and not aimed to be a cooking game. The cooking component of OneRare is a simple “Combine” button to cook up your Dish. So we are not looking to compete with the cooking games. Secondly, we feel there is a big difference between Web2 games and Web3 games because, in the Web2 games listed on app stores, the game publisher will make money, but the players and community are never rewarded.

As OneRare, we are a Food Project that is community-driven mainly, and the users and community will also gain as the ecosystem grows.

Regarding the most ambitious target, I would have to say it is to onboard the global Food and Beverage Industry to Web3, bringing them to the blockchain for the first time. This is a massive industry, and we want to make them blockchain-aware and create a system where their NFTs can be swapped for authentic meals across the world.

Q.Telegram – Can you tell us what celebrity chefs, restaurants, popular cooking shows, and food brands are currently partnering with OneRare or partnering in the future? How can Web3 viewers monetize their engagement with celebrity chefs, restaurants, popular cooking shows, and food brands through NFT?

Supreet – Great question. Since Food is a global topic, we have to make sure we bring Food from all across the world to our players. We are actively talking to 40 chefs from the USA, Australia, UK, Vietnam, India, and Kenya to help them tokenize their iconic dishes. We will be revealing each chef gradually as we go along to get its rightful place. But, I promise you, it’s fascinating.

We will start collaborating with Restaurants and Food Brands from December onwards once our Mainnet goes live. Web3 Audiences will get an exclusive chance to own these Dish NFTs, use them in games to earn more rewards – that’s the beauty of Web3 – Food meets strategy.

Q.Telegram – I tried to play the game Testnet V.0.1 OneRare. It was fascinating, but it currently only has three recipes in it. 1. Hanoi Pho 2. Pepperoni Pizza 3. French Fries.
In your opinion, of the three recipes, which one is the easiest and the most difficult to make? In Mainnet Version 1.0, will you add more recipes?

Supreet – Thank you for trying our game. We appreciate it.
You are correct. There are only three recipes right now as it was an MVP TestNet. The difficulty level is based on the number of ingredients in every Dish, so the easiest is French Fries, and the hardest is the Hanoi Pho.
We are about to release our next TestNet version, which will be featuring 40 Recipes, so you will have a lot more to choose from.
Our Mainnet will commence with 50 Recipes, and we will be adding recipes weekly to it.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju for participating in the OneRare AMA session on November 19th on our Telegram channel.

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