Seedify is a web3 launchpad launched in February 2021 created to give token holders access to early-stage opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem and encourage blockchain innovation. They are launching their first NFT collection, Mounts, on Feb 20th.

So, Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the Seedify AMA session with George Kvirikashvili, Digital Marketing Manager of Seedify.

Segment 1: Introduction 
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Seedify.

I am the Digital Marketing Manager of Seedify, also the lead of The Army (our ambassador program). I have been a part of the Seedify family for approximately two years now and have experienced both the highs and “mids” of the company.

Prior to this, I managed the marketing department of a digital marketing agency serving dozens of clients from different fields for several years.

Q – How big is your team and where are you located?

Seedify has grown quite a lot over the past months, we are a very close, international team working remotely across different geographies and time zones. We’re now a team of 72 people with various areas of expertise. For the past couple of months, we have been even onboarding 3D and 2D Game designers and other game development-focused professionals.

We also have a quite solid marketing team, each specializing in a specific area, like content writing, social media, video editing, graphic designer, ads and others. Besides that, our incubation division has grown to encompass the new areas we will focus on, which will include NFT and AI projects going forward.

Also, we have a separate, in-house division called Seedify Meta Studios as well. It’s our “creative powerhouse” and a multidisciplinary team we created over the last year or so who have been working on a user-generated content metaverse and our upcoming Mounts, Avatars and Land Plots NFT Collections. The team consists of talented developers and programmers, VFX artists, 2D concept artists and 3D character and environment artists, just to name a few.

We’re always looking for bright minds and exceptional talent to join our family, so we can enrich the expertise and experience Seedify shares with projects to make a greater impact in the ecosystem.

Segment 2: Deep Dive
Q – Very well deserved, I remember myself grinding daily to move up the Seedify Tiers and to get higher allocations. It was worth it! Can you briefly introduce Seedify to our audience who hear about you for the first time?

Sure. In a nutshell, Seedify is a launchpad and incubator, focused on Web3 gaming, now venturing into NFTs and AI-related projects as well. Starting with no funding and a fair community airdrop launch with $SFUND in 2021, we were the first launchpad that decided to fully focus on Web3 Gaming – outperforming the whole launchpad space during the last bull run by average ROI (44x per project at ATH) and market cap ($350 million at ATH).

Also, our current emphasis is on the incubation side, where we provide comprehensive support to ensure successful launches for our projects. Additionally, as mentioned above, we are actively exploring opportunities in AI-related IDOs and are really excited about this! 

We are also putting significant effort into the NFT sector. This includes the creation of our own NFT launchpad and marketplace that will concentrate on in-game, metaverse and utility-based assets. We are also developing our own NFT project and user-generated content (UGC) metaverse.

Q – 2022 was a very tough year for crypto. How was it for Seedify?

It was a tough one indeed, well, for us it was an opportunity to strengthen our product offerings and better understand our strengths and weaknesses, giving us time to build and improve in many aspects.  We were and are constantly developing new features and products that will provide SFUND holders with more utilities and an improved user experience.

Additionally, got to say we have also accomplished a lot during this period, for instance, our NFT Launchpad utility token, SNFTS, reached 60x from the listing price even during the bear market.

We also started a whole new Seedify Meta Studios division dedicated to building the user-generated content based metaverse – Seedworld; hired outstanding individuals, some of them from triple-A gaming studios like Ubisoft, Microsoft Studios, EA etc.

Q – What are the competitive advantages of Seedify versus other launchpads in the crypto space?

The launchpad market is highly competitive and congested I can say. One unique aspect of Seedify that distinguishes us from other launchpads is our ability to adapt quickly to the fast-paced market.

For instance, when we decided to focus solely on blockchain game projects in July of 2021, many were skeptical of this move as it appeared to limit our market reach. However, this focus was actually what propelled us to where we are now. It provided our team with direction and established Seedify as a leading brand in the Web 3 gaming space.

Another factor that sets us apart is our community. It’s common sense by now that the strong and supportive community is vital for the success of any crypto project, and we are proud to have built such a community at Seedify.

In addition to being a launchpad, we are striving to become much more, with our incubation division taking the forefront. Our goal is to bring even greater value to projects, surpassing our competition and creating a lasting impact on the future of not only Web 3 gaming but NFT, AI and Metaverse projects too.

Q – Your platform has 2 tokens $SFUND and $SNFTS. Can you explain what they are and how they work in tandem?

I’ll be glad to do so. $SFUND is Seedify’s native token. It’s main utility is to participate in the IGOs launched in Seedify platform, buying the best gaming and metaverse projects before their token is released to the market. In addition, with SFUND, holders can also stake and farm for passive income opportunities. 

Recently, we have also introduced Seed Staking, which is another passive income source, in which SFUND stakers and farmers will get free tokens from our incubation projects, for free, by accumulating seed staking points while they are staking/farming.

On the other hand, $SNFTS is our NFT Launchpad utility token. It provides holders with access to the top NFTs in the market, and an increased opportunity to participate in NFT launches/sales on our launchpad. By the way, I should say that $SNFTS circulated by an airdrop only to SFUND holders and a few selected blue chip NFT communities in August 2022 and did 60X in the bear market with great success.

$SNFTS holders also qualify for Fee discounts in the upcoming marketplace. For example, where users will be able to access 1% marketplace fees versus 2% when using other tokens.

Other advantages of holding $SNFTS include the opportunity to receive random NFT drops when trading on the forthcoming Seedify NFT marketplace. The creation of additional funds for collaborations, marketing, NFT drops, and growth. Holders of $SNFTS will also be eligible for whitelist spots for Seedify’s upcoming, exclusive NFT collection, “The Mounts” which has recently been announced.

Q – Can you share more information about Seedify Solution Partners Program (SSPP)? What partners will be joining it in the near future?

Just to tie back to the previously discussed topic . I recently mentioned in detail how the Seedify Incubation Program helps projects we work with succeed and the services we provide. After launching over 50 projects in the past, we know how important it is to get the foundations right but also to be well prepared for launch at the Token Generation event (TGE) and post-launch.

For that very reason, we are partnering with some of the best solution providers in the industry to provide even more backing and value to our incubated projects. In addition, our new partners will provide a wider range of beneficial solutions, technical support and networks to put our incubated projects in the best possible position for a successful launch.

The partners that we onboard into our program will also offer specialized services from across many sectors, such as Market Markers, NFT Marketplaces, Smart Contracts, Staking and Farming Security Audits, On-Ramp payment solutions, Blockchain Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols NFT and Game Layer 1 and 2 protocols to name but a few.

We now actually have over 16 games in our incubation roster that will be launched on the Seedify launchpad (with more announcements to come), and with the backing of our new partners, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Q – This is very interesting! If a new GameFi project wants to get listed on Seedify – what conditions must they fulfill? Can you share with us more how you choose the next IDOs?

Sure, it’s a very delicate topic, the launch selection process at Seedify involves thorough due diligence carried out by 3 different specialized teams, who review all aspects of the projects and pose questions to the project teams before their selection. Although this process is comprehensive, it is not foolproof, and the future is uncertain. So, we cannot guarantee that the projects will follow through with everything they have agreed to.

Given our experience and the current market conditions, we have implemented the Seedify Protected Launch system, which involves a combination of measures designed to protect our community. These measures include increased pressure on projects to adhere to their roadmaps, KPIs, proper listing procedures, liquidity provision guidance, selection of the best centralized and decentralized exchanges in the market, and much more.

This is important as any missteps in these areas could negatively impact our community, which has invested in a project that fails to meet minimum expectations.

Q – Now, coming to the Hot Topic. Can you tell us more about the “open metaverse” Seedworld?

Exactly, it’s a very exciting one for us! Seedworld – our developing metaverse, provides its users with creative tools and an engine for user-generated content (UGC), allowing them to bring their imagination to life by building and expanding the world.

For example, these tools will allow you to shape your land as you desire, utilizing terraforming tools and 3D assets, including both base assets produced by Seedify Meta Studios and UGC assets made and sold by other users. Additionally, with the help of the engine and game frameworks. Basically, you will be able to develop new games within the genre of your choice.

Alternatively, you can utilize the talent marketplace to hire others to create customized items for you. There will be numerous freelance opportunities for individuals with expertise in creating specific 3D assets, custom game frameworks, and imaginative lands.

We will also have our Seedworld Academy, providing educational content to those looking to learn to build lands, develop games, create in-game assets and become freelancers.

Q – You’re doing Mounts INO on February 20. Can you tell us more about it and how it connects with Seedworld?

Exactly, The Mounts will actually come with pre-metaverse utilities that will be integral for shaping the future of Seedworld. Holding a Mount NFT will grant users utilities such as Private Community Access, Mount Staking, Reward-based Quests and Open Tasks as well as Decentralized Voting. So it’s a utility-based collection in addition to having sick art, I don’t think I’m being subjective here.

There are three types of genesis mounts, each with different perks and utilities: Bloodmother, Skyrider and Deathrunner. They will be the first and most crucial, rideable companions in Seedworld, acting as Ame-powered (in-game/metaverse currency) vehicles enabling characters to increase cargo storage, travel faster and some can even fly. Each Mount will have different traits and rarity levels.

Q – How do you think crypto regulations will affect you and how are you prepared for it?

Well, some regulations could actually positively impact the launch of the upcoming offerings and projects. For example, regulations that ensure transparency and protect consumers can build trust in the ecosystem and promote wider adoption.

The impact of crypto regulations on the launch of Web 3 projects is complex and depends on various factors. It’s essential to stay informed about the regulatory landscape and ensure that we comply with the relevant regulations at all times.

Seedify actually started a new era in the industry by releasing above-mentioned Seedify Protected Launch rules. Thus bringing a needed evolution to the sector as others felt the urge to introduce protection clauses too. We are proud to be a trailblazer in the space.

We have also become more stringent in our due diligence processes and have recently upgraded our Protected Launch features, which will further safeguard our community and their investments.

Q – What are your plans for 2023?

We are aiming high, as I mentioned already, not to brag but we have been a trendsetter in the niche market we are in. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that our current and future holders can expect that we will not settle for what is currently considered “good enough.” Instead, we are focused on the future and are working tirelessly to bring our visionary ideas to life, such as the launch of our UGC metaverse – Seedworld.

Q – What are the next IDOs you’re planning and can you share a bit about them?

We currently have up to 16 exciting Web3 gaming projects across different genres; with most of them falling under our Incubation Department meaning we provide even more support and strategic advice. We have recently upgraded our protected launch features to protect our community from failed launches and to ensure that the projects are ready to launch. Going forward, we will only confirm launch dates once certain KPIs and milestones are achieved.

Our next upcoming IGO will be the G4AL, a Layer-1 project which will be taking place on 9th of March. Perhaps, for more credibility – the project’s CEO is a former General Manager and VP of the studio that created Candy Crush (3 billion downloads).

Segment 3: Community Questions.
Q – Can you discuss a scenario where Seedify may have to make a difficult decision to either postpone or proceed with a launch, and what considerations went into making that choice?

As Seedify, we aim to ensure each project we launch is successful and brings good returns for our holders. Good launches can boost the sentiment for future launches, and vice versa. Deciding to delay or postpone a project is never easy, but we prioritize what is best for the community and our investors in the long term. To achieve this, we have strengthened our “Protected Launch” features and increased the rigor of our due diligence processes.

To ensure a consistently high return on investment for our launches, we will only schedule them once the projects have reached the marketing, community building, and engagement metrics, particularly for games that are yet to reach their key performance indicators. This way, we aim to bring better results that benefit our community.

Q – What are some of the skillsets that will be in high demand for Open Tasks, and how will they be rewarded for their contributions to the Seedworld?

Thanks. So “Open Tasks” will be one of The Mounts’ utilities for those who aren’t fully familiar: they will focus on “building” and co-creating with the community. Skill sets aligned to the following areas will significantly expand Seedworld: Asset Creation, 3D Art, Unreal Engine, Script & Software Development, Game Design, Environment & World Design. The structure of reward and milestones mechanisms will be decided with decentralized voting.

For more details you can also check The Mounts’ utilities article on our medium page

Q – Can you share the detailed plan for winding down the high yield staking pools for $SFUND, and what factors will determine the timing and implementation of this decision?

Actually, we have already discontinued all high APY staking pools for SFUND to control inflation. SFUND is now a non-inflationary token. So, instead of rewarding staking with more SFUND, we have introduced a new model called Seed Staking. This means that token holders can receive free tokens from incubated project Initial Game Offerings (IGO) launches. The Seedify team advises incubated projects on various aspects such as tokenomics, game design, and marketing strategy, which increases the chances of a successful launch.

We believe that the future of web3 gaming is bright, and we are committed to supporting and promoting successful gaming projects. This will benefit our community as the market continues to recover.

Q – Can you explain the plans for ensuring the sustainability of the Seedworld through the burning of $SNFTS, and how will it benefit the NFT holders in the long run?

Our upcoming activities, including the NFT sales for The Mounts, The Avatars and Land Plots will burn HUGE amount of SNFTS, starting with The Mounts – 400M SNFTS to be burned which is approximately 10% of token’s circulating supply.

Additionally we will have an internal system in the UGC based metaverse that will always include burnings for Ame (the in-game currency), which will grow SNFTS’s strength over time.

Q – How about the security of transacting on $SNFTS and where can I get $SNFTS tokens, then what are the short-term and long-term benefits of $SNFTS token holders?

You can purchase SNFTS token on PancakeSwap – using BNB, SFUND, BUSD pairs (40,000 SNFTS gets you The Mount as well – if you get Whitelsited for the sale after staking and/or farming, mark the date for the NFT mint again, 20th of February), as we mentioned during the AMA, holding the token and farming/staking it gives you access to NFT launches, gives a discounted price while trading on the upcoming NFT Marketplace, as for the long term gain, it will provide plenty of perks in Seedworld metaverse.

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