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How do you get someone to try crypto for the first time? Getting any new person into crypto whether it’s a friend or family member. Or just someone you know has always been a challenge.

But if you are here, then you already know how important crypto is and why we need to increase adoption. Most of us probably do the same thing of teaching about 1 or 2 coins, setting up a wallet, and doing a test transaction so they can see how easy it can be. Now, we have another great option. A Play-to-earn trading simulator for everyone. It gamifies trading, mining, and learning about important features of crypto. And you earn while you learn. Let’s meet Banksters!

What is Banksters?

Banksters, which is in beta now, is a play on what we in crypto call legacy bankers. The banksters want to destroy crypto to maintain their monopoly on the movement of money. So, The Banksters game shows how we can beat the banksters at their own game, by learning about crypto, mining, and NFTs. The first screen you see on the top right shows that I am on a team of 7. We want to play so we select Invest Run.

In the game, as you see here, you simulate trading in competition with others. That’s here in the Invest Run section of the game. In this competition, we picked 5 coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BNB. We earn points based on real-time moves in the price of our 5 coins. And we are competing with 4 other players.

There’s also a Duel section where you go PvP and play one-on-one against someone. Our first observations are:

  1. The game has great graphics.
  2. I like that it teaches about mining as Proof of Work is important.
  3. As a completely bootstrapped project, the game looks great and has lots of investment potential.
  4. The game works with Metamask for external use and transactions but we expect WalletConnect to be ready soon so other great wallets can interact with the game. You transact on either Polygon or BNB Smart Chain.
A Full Invest Run Challenge

Here we have a full 5 round challenge in Invest Run. We are up against 4 other players. Our 5 coins this time are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOT, and BNB. And you see, I got my ass kicked in the first round only 4th out of 5 despite gains on all 5 coins.

You see after Round 3, it’s not going much better. A drop to 4th. Losses on 4 of the 5 coins and an unsuccessful attempt to use our “Vitalik’s Buzz” power to gain some more juice means there’s not much hope to win in these last 2 rounds.

After Round 4 and not figuring out how to use the Rally card for more points, I am still in 4th but improved his position a little bit since everything but Ethereum increased in value in that round. Notice how well this simulates trading. Because you are trading against others but also trading against the market.

In Round 5, I triy to use the “Vitalik’s Buzz” again. And although it is helping, it won’t be enough in the end. 

A 3rd place finish is ok but you see we are a mile away from 2nd place. Never really had a chance. But the competition was fun to see how our coins measured up. Have you used any trade simulation software or games before? Let us know in the comments below.

More Benefits for Beta Testers

Another cool area of the game beta testers get to play with is the mining feature. Players can learn how it works, claim mined coins, and team together to increase mining capacity. And that’s not all

Banksters is giving away $1000 every 2 weeks and has distributed 35,000 USDT starting in February through the end of August.

And lastly, we got this exclusive information for you from the Banksters team before it’s released to the general public. They will provide an airdrop to the top 1,000 players of 1 NFT worth from 30$ up to 500$ and $20 worth of Banksteks tokens. They will be vested, of course, however, you just need to have fun playing the game to claim these airdrops. If you’re one of the top 1,000, you’ll get these 2 cool prizes straight away when the game launches. So why don’t you give it a try and play the game by clicking on this link?

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