SocialFi is in da house! That’s right. For the upcoming bull run, one of the verticals that will be at the forefront of the action is SocialFi. As it happens to be, XCAD is all geared up to take the top spot in this space. 3 Creators can now launch their key on the new SocialFi app by XCAD.  

SocialFi is still in its early stages right now. We saw FriendTech come in and make a quick impact. But what if I tell you that XCAD is the heir to this throne? For instance, XCAD has impressive Web2 backing and more. XCAD is about to release its new SocialFi app, XCAD.Social. Let’s explore more about this very important SocialFi Altcoin.

What Is XCAD.Social?

SocialFi is a mix of social media and DeFi. However, it’s still very early days for SocialFi. You can compare it to UniSwap back in 2019 when DeFi was about to start. So, on a SocialFi platform, there’s a Web3 approach to how you create, manage, and own content. 

We saw FriendTech, which introduced keys. Influencers launched their keys, and their fans could pick them up. You could also trade these keys, but they were volatile. However, the platform saw massive trading volume. We’re looking at hundreds of millions in USD. 

With XCAD you can start doing something similar. However, there’s also a big difference to FriendTech. XCAD is now launching its XCAD.Social platform. Here are some reasons why this platform is different. For example:

  • It has big Web2 backers. Mr. Beast and KSI among others. That’s good for 750 million subscribers. It combines Web2 and Web3. It doesn’t only target YouTube, but also Crypto Twitter or X.  So, XCAD already has plenty of YouTubers. FriendTech didn’t have that at all.
  • You can connect through X, YouTube, or Instagram. This covers the top 3 platforms with millions of followers.
  • It uses the BNB chain. This chain is much faster, and lots cheaper compared to Base, which FriendTech uses. BNB is 20x bigger than Base.
  • The platform has its native XCAD token. FriendTech uses ETH.

With this in mind, the new XCAD keys can easily go viral. Once hundreds of influencers start rolling out their key, this could go bonkers. The best part is that anyone can do this. There’s no need to be a YouTuber. Just create an XCADSocial, account and you have your very own keys. So, let’s look at what makes XCAD different.

What Makes XCAD Different?

One of the interesting parts is that XCAD offers Fractional Shares. This allows more people to buy larger keys that are more expensive. Once influencers start to offer their keys, this has the potential to go viral, too. Consider the reach that XCAD already has.

That’s not all. XCAD has a clear end game and an existing ecosystem. With other SocialFi apps, you only need to buy keys. That was pretty much it. XCAD, on the other hand, already has an entire ecosystem in place. It has been building this over the last two years.

Now they’re moving into their V2 SocialFi Ecosystem. The XCAD.Social platform is only the first step. It also connects to their existing Fan Token. That’s going to happen in a cool way, which we will see in early 2024 when the V2 Ecosystem rolls out.

As a bonus, if your keys perform well, you may be able to launch a Fan Token as well. That’s pretty exciting. So, if you hold keys from one of these top performers, you can change your keys into Fan Tokens, in due time. The Fan Tokens will have an entire ecosystem waiting for them. For example:

So, we saw already that SocialFi can attract an outstanding initial interest. However, if you add an ecosystem to it, it instantly becomes more sustainable. An ecosystem gives SocialFi a long-term vision and opportunity.

3) Anyone Can Launch a Key

That’s right, anyone can launch a key. You only need to connect your YouTube or X account, and you’re all set to start this journey. If we look back at FriendTech, we saw a lot of volatility. So, it’s likely that this will happen again. Be aware of that and tread carefully. 

On the other hand, this also offers lots of opportunities. You will also be able to potentially make some trading profits. There’s also going to be an airdrop. This is especially of interest to early users of the Social app. You can earn ‘Points’ in three different ways:

  • Trading.
  • Chatting.
  • Referrals.

The earlier you join, the more ‘Points’ you can gather. More points equal a bigger airdrop. Well, at least, that’s the most likely scenario. Now, to be successful with the new app and everything around it, I’ve got some tips for you.

Follow their bot on X. This keeps you in the loop for new key launches. That’s one way people could make money on FriendTech. Get keys early on and trade them. It won’t hurt to have the notifications button on as well. This might give you just the advantage you need. Or check an influencer’s potential. Look at their fundamentals:

  • Are many creators following them? 
  • Do they have an engaged and active audience? 
  • Is their key cheap or expensive?
  • Check the trading history.

Have they already started promoting their keys? If not, get in early. That’s a good strategy. This may give you good multipliers, once people start to ape in. Be smart and use the tools available to you. Like the bot. And remember, the XCAD token gets locked. This makes it scarce, and the price should go up. It’s deflationary, after all.

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